Looking at email chain on September 15th 2005 between McCann and Oszust on amendment #4. Subject line: "What are outstanding issues with Bobby?" Rataj says that no one is asking Victor Mercado what is going. Making the point that none of the recipients in the email chain are with DWSD.

Rataj says isn't it true that there are no documents from DWSD saying that amendment #4 is being held up. Witness says that is true and then changes her mind and says there is an email from Daryl Latimer in October 2005 stating the amendment has not been approved yet.

11:30AM July 27 2005 agenda for meeting of Water board. Lists original price of 1368 as $50 million. then list successive amendments: 1. for $10 million 2. $35 million 3. $23 million (for work on the sinkhole) 4. for $12 million.

Video screen is frozen but we still get audio.

Rataj introduces a document the witness is completely unfamiliar with the document. From the DWSD- lists all the revenues made by Inland on water contracts. From August 2004 until October 2006 highlighted by the defense.

Rataj zeroes in on date of July 15th 2005. Says it doesn't look like Inland was ever put on hold or stopped work. Witness says she can't answer based on a document she is not familiar with.

Rataj says will the jury can take a look at it.

Rataj moves onto another document from Corey Thomas, governmental analyst with DWSD in March 2012. Lists Inland Waters invoice for $291,250. It is for invoice period January 30th 2002.

Rataj says he is now moving onto another chapter. Mentioning the text messages and some questions he has.

Exchange over 2 days September 1st-2nd 2004.

Ferguson: We need to mee(T0 on how i move in, i got a great idea sir. holla in the am owe geno is n y answer service (lol) wants me to do some hauling.

Geno D'Agostini referenced. Rataj says he is good friends with the mayor of Sterling Heights.

Mayor: Aint that a bitch. Will call in a few minutes...

September 7th 2004 exchange

Mayor: What happened with Gino?

Ferguson: i am going to talk to him today, its the same. he wonts me to work for him, just let victor know i geno makes 2.00 fei needs to make 2.00 also you will look at invoices to make sure.

Rataj says that 2.00 could mean anything, not clear what it measures. Witness agrees.

Defense lawyer John Shea looks like he is falling asleep.

Exchange from June 21st 2002 between Bernard and Kwame

Bernard: Just met with Bobby Ferguson. The 3 of us need to meet at least twice a month for an hour for awhile....

Rataj says there is no proof the three of them met like that after this message. Witness says she doesn't know if they met with that regularity.

11:50AM Going back to text message from July 2, 2002 where Bernard says that the real problem with the DWSD is the evaluation committee. Rataj says that witnesses Daniel Edwards and Daryl Latimer that some within the DWSD were too close to contractors. Witness agrees. Rataj says that Latimer testified that DLZ had internal connections at DWSD that was steering work their way.

Chutkow objects and asks for sidebar. Judge sustains but Chutkow asks for sidebar anyways.

Rataj says in the course of your investigation it was not unusual to find that certain contractors had contact with Mercado. Witness agrees. Rataj says D'Agostini and DLZ approached Mercado directly as well as Inland Waters and Lakeshore.

Going back to sidebar.