What Rataj seems to be getting to in a long, convoluted way is that many contractors went outside of the normal, formal contract procedure and worked behind the scenes to secure water contracts with the DWSD.

Rataj says that Inland Waters employees would meet regularly with engineers of the DWSD. Witness says yes within the scope of their work together. Rataj asks if she knows what they talked about at lunch on mulitple occasions over 6 years. Witness agrees that unless she specifically asked that in an interview, she has no idea.

Chutkow objecting to Rataj's whole line of questioning.

Rataj says on December 22nd 2005, Oszust met with 2 DWSD employees.

Judge needs Rataj he needs to close up. He says he has only one more little chapter.

12:05PM This is the document from Kilpatrick to Judge Feikens requesting approval for contract amendments. Lists the 5 contracts. 4 of the 5 were for Ferguson. Amongst these was contract 623 Ferguson had won under Archer administration for $7.5 million. Witness agrees.

Now document from January 25th 2006 from Mercado to Board of Water Commissioners. References contract 623 that was awarded with start date of August 14th 2000. It was meant to be completed September 2005 but there is still work remaining to be done. Only $200,000 remaining in the contract. Needs an extension of time and additional funds of $7.5 million. Approved by the Board of Water Commissioners. The EPA agent agrees with this.

Rataj saying there are 7 Water board members, 4 are from the city of Detroit.

Looking at the contracts Kilpatrick sought approval for- WS 650 ($170,767), 657 (McCormick for $158,266) , 651 ($276,135). Rataj says those 3 all under the umbrella of CM 2012.Rataj asking witness if she knows what last of the contracts 812c for D'Agostini had to do with. The change order was for $3.95 million. Asking her if she knew it was a security contract

Rataj is trying to impeach the witness saying that she didn't mention in testimony yesterday that contract 812c was a security contract. Paszkiewicz is saying that she did.

Rataj approaching the judge with transcript of yesterday's testimony. Prosecutor Michael Bullotta approaches the bench as well.

12:24PM Audio suddenly cuts out. Not sure what is going on exactly but it seems that the judge has called for a 5 minute break.

12:30PM Gerald Evelyn telling judge about Susan Van Dusen. Apparently Van Dusen is getting headaches which are getting less frequent. She'll be meeting with a neurologist this afternoon.

Chutkow addressing impeachment issue of EPA agent Paszkiewicz and asks judge to make it clear to the jury. Judge Edmunds tells him it is something he can address in redirect.

Judge tells jury that Van Dusen continuing to recover but will likely not be here tomorrow. Judge determined at the break that it is not a proper impeachment of the witness after looking over transcript.

Looking at a change order for D'Agostini and sons for $3.9 million. Rataj asks if DFT features anywhere on the document Kilpatrick sent to Judge Feikens. Witness had been saying that D'Agostini was a pass through to Ferguson's company DFT. Witness reads the document and agrees DFT and Ferguson don't feature anywhere.

Rataj directing to the last page of Feikens order on May 18th 2006 "I do so because of the long delay in payment is due to this Court's discontinuance of the Special Administrator-ship." Feikens saying that he is choosing to act and approves the changes because he had cancelled the special administratorship. Goes on to say that contractors will be hesitant to work when payment is delayed.

And Rataj is finally done.

12:42PM Chutkow says the judge's order was because of a special request by Kilpatrick. Witness agrees.

Chutkow says that 3 of the 5 are Ferguson Enterprises. Yes says witness. Paszkiewicz says 812c was also being worked on by Ferguson whose DFT had been tasked more than $3.1 million of work on the contract.

DFT was a joint venture that included Ferguson. Witness referred to this as a pass through to fund Ferguson's company.

Chutkow asking about the text where Bernard proposed twice monthly meetings with Kwame and Bobby. Witness testifying that in their investigation they found evidence of after hours meetings.

Chutkow asking if Derrick Miller joined them in those meetings per her investigation. Witness replies that yes.

Now text from Bernard: "No problem I was just thinking short term on some stuff that was already out there. He has met with Mercado and feels he is on the right track. But it will take a lot of time

which I do not possess a whole lot of..." Chutkow asks if Bernard was part of the city administration. No says witness.