Chutkow asking about records Rataj showed about Ferguson sub-contracting out restoration work on sinkhole. Witness agrees that restoration work is less complicated than usual contracting work.

Looking at invoice for sub-contract to R & R. Witness agrees this is not a minority company and it is not Detroit-based (based in Northville). So Chutkow says Ferguson not helping out minority, Detroit-based business. No says witness.

O'Laughlin contractor based in Brighton so again Ferguson sub-contracted to a non-Detroit based business.

JT & sons sub-contractor based in Sterling Heights, again not in Detroit.

Dubay Landscapers sub-contractor based in Harrison, Michigan.

Six-S inc that had agreement for $482,000 based in Waterford, MI. None listed so far Detroit-based business.

Looking at text from March 2003

Ferguson: Hello Black you haven't released that contract right

Mayor: Right they know I'm holding it.

Chutkow asks if in her investigation the witness found other texts like this with other contractors. Witness says he didn't have texts like this with other contractors.

Chutkow shows another text between the 2 that lists prices and asks witness if former mayor texted other contractors about contract prices. Witness says no.

Chutkow showing text where Ferguson texts Kwame about meeting on how he should move in on the sinkhole project from September 01 2004. Witness says she doesn't recall other texts with other city contractors discussing how to move in on a business.

Rataj objects and judge sustains.

12:58PM Thomas re-crosses and asks if witness believes that text messaging was the only way the former mayor communicated during his administration. No says Paszkiewicz.

That's all Thomas had for her. Rataj says he has more but it's basically 1pm so he'll have to do it tomorrow.

Court resumes at 9am tomorrow morning.

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