Evelyn objects. Judge sustains. 

Wilks observed typical work for a job that started as renovation and ended up as new construction. Checked for who from site management is there and is there to answer questions about project concerns. Wilks says the biggest problem was the amount of time the project took. The longer it took, the longer it was before they could turn the facility over to the residents. 

The city had just completed another project that took about a year and the Heilmann project took well over that. More than 3 years- 2003-2006. Wilks says the Heilmann project was poorly manned, where they should have had 20 men they might have 5. It really became an issue in the fall/winter of 2005. At that time, the building was not enclosed and they were still discussing closing the building up. 

Wilks says JOA/Xcel team principal managers. Saw Richard Duroy, Kevin O'Berry. Saw Xcel employees when there was earthwork. Saw Woodhouse and Hall on occasion. 

Wilks saw JOA employees on site. Witness told Tyrone Clifton that "they were not working." 

Wilks gives the design of Heilmann a "C". Heating system was an issue, the parking lot layout was an issue for theft, the main atrium not really a programmable space. Before the project was completed, they had to install heaters into the ducts in the locker rooms. 

Wilks says she had gone out to Spencer Dailey's site when they had done previous rec center. Would go out once or twice a week as opposed to Heilmann where it was almost daily. 

Wilks talking about the atrium design being the biggest space in the building- believes the intent was to use it as a programmable space but it couldn't be as people had to constantly walk through it to get to other areas. 

Wilks says they held site meetings weekly. She says that sometimes problems were resolved but the problems were revisited often from spring 2004 through winter 2005. She would keep bringing up same concerns. 

Patton Park project was ongoing at the same time. Wilks would go there twice a week to check out the site. 

Wilks says that early in the Patton project Ferguson was at a water board meeting. Wilks says there was discussion at that meeting about general conditions at the time including Heilmann. There was discussion about general managers being at Patton. Wilks was concerned that Woodhouse and Hall be at 2 places at the same time: Heilmann and Patton. Worried that they would be double billed when it was physically impossible for the 2 men to be at the 2 projects at the same time. 

11:30AM Soon after Wilks met with her boss Anwunah and Ferguson to discuss what had happened. It was in Anwunah's office in Cadillac Square. Meeting called to discuss what she had said at the water board. Ferguson stated that she was questionanning whether his people were capable of running the project. she tried to make clear she was taking about people being at 2 places at the same time.

"At some point we both began to holler," says the witness about herself and Ferguson. 

Ferguson told her "The only reason you still have this job is because you're black." 

Wilks looked at her boss Anwunah and said "This is how we let contractors come in and talk to us now?" 

Wilks says she felt her job was threatened. She felt Ferguson had a connection to the mayor. at the time, because of the way her boss behaved that he was incapable of protecting her because of how he behaved by hanging back. Wilks felt that Ferguson had a connection to the mayor that was beyond her boss's control. 

She says her boss didn't react in any sort of way and was trying to keep his distance from what was going on with her and Ferguson. 

Wilks says she left the office for the day and called Tyrone Clifton at the DBA. She wanted to call someone who would go to bat for her. Called Clifton maybe 15 minutes after she left work. Wilks says she was upset- she didn't know what was going to happen next.

11:39AM Evelyn for Ferguson cross-examines. 

Evelyn going back to water board meeting for Patton Park. It wasn't too far into the project- portions of demolition had started. It was a DWSD renovation project. 

Wilks says she has civil services protection. Wilks says the water board meeting is an open meeting. Witness says she brought up Woodhouse and Hall being with Heilmann because there was a link to it. Witness says she doesn't remember what the water board response to her comments about double billing was. 

Evelyn says when issues are brought before the water board, they are staffed out and investigated. Witness says she can't say for sure. 

Wilks says she doesn't remember a water board member calling her about her comments. 

Director of the recreation department at the time was a Mr. Beckham, possibly. 

Evelyn says but don't meeting with contractors get heated. Wilks says no.