Wilks admits that one other time she told a contractor she'd go to the mayor about problems with them. 

Wilks says that she can't remember how soon after Ferguson's comment about her job she left. Says it wasn't a very long meeting. wilks admits she never turned to her boss to ask if her job was in jeopardy. 

Wilks says that "on paper, no" she didn't lose her job. Curious what that means. 

Wilks says previous to this didn't really have issues with Woodhouse and Hall. 

Evelyn tells witness she had problems with Woodhouse about Patton Park change orders where she said she wasn't approving it because she didn't want to pay for any more of Ferguson's watches. Witness says she didn't say that. 

Evelyn asks if witness dislikes Ferguson. She says she doesn't know him. 

He presses her again is she dislikes Ferguson. Judge says she has answered his question. 

Kwame and Ferguson looking at each other and laughing. 

Wilks says 5 rec centers were renovated during her tenure with city recreational department. 

Evelyn asks if a design problem was the reason that Farwell rec center become a senior center. Witness says it was not a design flaw but a budget decision. 

11:55AM Going back to the rankings of the proposals on Heilmann. Evelyn asking about a mandatory pre-bid meeting before the interviews. Witness says she thinks it might have happened. Evelyn handing witness a document to refresh her memory. 

The date of the pre-bid meeting was April 29th 2003. Witness says she was there and there was a significant number of contractors and architects. Evelyn asking if there were 34 representatives of contractors and architects. Witness says she doesn't know. Were there 34 different companies, she doesn't think so. Were there 34 different individuals, possibly. She says it was a packed meeting. 

Ultimately, the number of contractors got whittled down to 5 for the Heilmann project interviews. Lists DBA employees Robert Hill, Tyrone Clifton and Benny Goldston and Vincent Anwunah and witness from the recreational department.

Evelyn saying that the witness's arithmetic average on the interviews was the lowest. Yes says the witness. 

Evelyn saying Skanska is a Swedish company and that the 2 lowest ranking companies were the only all minority owned businesses. Witness says she can't answer that. 

12:06PM Evelyn asks for 5 minute break. Says he has quite a bit more to go. Judge agrees so break it is.

12:15PM Evelyn asking witness about the design concern she had with Heilmann. Asking isn't that really an architect related area. That's correct says the witness. 

Evelyn says didn't you have to approve the design before they went ahead. Yes agrees the witness. 

Wilks remembers DOA employees being on site. Remembers Woodhouse from Xcel initially being on site but he was replaced by Sam Allen of JOA. 

Woodhouse was involved in pre-construction phase asks Evelyn. Yes says the witness. 

Witness says she had more and more contcat with Sam Allen after the fall of 2005. Witness says she saw more JOA employees than anyone else. 

Wilks says that for a time in 2006, the spring, she began to see Woodhouse more. Project completed the fall of 2006. Evelyn done. 

Thomas has no cross. 

12:24PM New government witness is called. Tyrone Clifton, project manager with DBA. Been there since July 1st 2002. Manages capital projects, hires contractors, architects and engineers. The Detroit Building Authority is a city agency designed to build capital projects. 

Clifton was involved in the Heilmann project between 2003 and 2004. Remembers the RFP process.