Looking at RFP to select design/build contractor. The construction project was for $7 million. At the time Elizabeth "Ayanna" Benson was the head of the DBA. Some of the board of directors: Carl Collins, Christine Beatty, Derrick Miller amongst others. 

Clifton was on the Heilmann evaluation committee. The goal was to hire a contractor. Clifton says at the end of the process, he would have made a recommendation. 

The mayor of the city of Detroit is automatically the chairperson of the DBA board. But meetings conducted by Christine Beatty. 

Clifton says presentations were used to get to know the contractors better. Once they were evaluated, he would have collected everything to present to the director. Clifton says the point system was cumulative so the more points you had, the more favorably you were perceived. 

Clifton looking at the scoring sheet for the qualifications of the contractors. Clifton, Wilks, Robert Hill, Benny Goldston and Vincent Anwunah comprised the evaluation committee team. 

Clifton was present for the interviews, Ayanna Benson was not. 

JOA/Xcel was represented by Akinwusi and Woodhouse. Clifton was at the presentation. He didn't think they had the same paraphernelia other teams did. The presentation was short, not eleborate, "nothing spectacular". Clifton said Woodhouse and Hall was fine, "they seemed cool." Clifton says their interview was not nearly as informative as the other interviews. Clifton gave JOA/Xcel 44 points. 

Clifton shared spreadsheet of rankings with Benson. JOA/Xcel chosen as the team. Clifton says he wasn't knocked over in his seat but it was "little surprising." 

Clifton says he has no specifics on how often Benson would go with the top recommendation. Spencer Dailey was a joint venture- AW Spencer is a minority business. 

Looking at Clifton's evaluation of JOA/Xcel. 

Clifton spoke to Wilks about Ferguson. Received a phone call from Wilks after the meeting about Patton Park project. Says Wilks was terribly upset. She told him she had a meeting with Ferguson and Anwunah that she told him was confrontational. told him she felt threatened about her job. Specifically said that Ferguson threatened about her job. Clifton says he told her that it was kind of over the top and not to worry about the job. Told her she shouldn't worry about Ferguson having any power over her job. Clifton says he strongly believed there was no way Bobby could influence her job. 

12:45PM Both Thomas and Evelyn get up to object to Doeh asking Clifton about his telling Wilks who the players on the scene were. 

Ferguson says something under his breath but it's loud enough for the judge to call him out on it. 

Clifton says Benson was a mayoral appointee. Benson was under Beatty so she would have reported to her. 

Clifton says that a DBA board member asked to see the spreadsheet numbers. When the decision was made to assign the contract to JOA/Xcel, said board member did not have the requested numbers.

Kwame totally focused on Clifton's testimony. 

Clifton says he knows that Kwame and Ayanna Benson are cousins. 

12:53PM Thomas cross examines. Makes a point of saying that Benson is Kwame's second cousin and had worked for the city previous to her position at DBA. Clifton says he found Benson highly principled and hard working. 

Thomas says that there were no red flags on the Heilmann project. no says witness. 

You were never pressured? Clifton says he was not. 

Clifton says Kilpatrick never showed up to any Heilmann project meetings.

 Clifton says he met Wilks in 2002. Thomas asks Clifton to explain civil service, which Wilks was a part of. 

Clifton says he did feel Wilks's reaction about losing her job was not well founded and was over the top. 

Clifton agrees that in her position it would not be unusual for Wilks to get into heated situations. Also was able to move forward on the Heilmann project without problem. 

Thomas is done. And so is today's court session. We resume for an abbreviated day tomorrow at 9AM.