A: where is the tailor located?

F: 112 Clifford St next to Madison building.

A: Yes he will be ready at 1:30

Nick Sereno is the tailor.

Exchange between Eugenia Blake and Ferguson October 31st 2003.

Fe: Ask him for me or for lee who he is making suits for. Lee is the big guy he is making the suits for

B: Nick the tailor says he needs Lee to come in for more measurements...

B: I just spoke with Nick the tailor and told him that you and Mr. Stephens will be there on Monday november 3rd.

Missed most of this exchange about Blake and Ferguson on December 16th 2003.

B: Nick the tailor just called and says he has your coat ready and Mr. Stephenson garments too. please call him at.

F: Thank you.

Anwunah and Ferguson. December 18th 2003

A: Were you able to go to nick's place

F: Done he can pick up one suit of his choice and I can pay for the rest Monday.

A: Thank you.

Anwunah and Ferguson on December 29th 2003.

A: Hey merry Christmas and happy New Year. I hope you are having a great time. Lee talked to me this morning...

F: damn I didn't pay for it all wait until Tuesday...

A: ok I have told him to wait. Do you want him to wait until tomorrow?

F: yes.

Incomplete exchange because prosecutor is going way too quickly.

Slow down Blackwell. Ferguson and Carmen Cunnigham December 30th 2003.

F: Man I forgot I was leaving town I will be back tonight and pay for the suits in the am. I think my office has the check you can take it over in the am..

F: Carmen cut this check call nick.

C: $3360- is that right.