12:15PM Thomas says directives are not statute or ordinance. No it is not says the witness. Werdlow says that this was simply guidelines as to how the city should be operating. 

"No one is going to jail for violating that as far as you were concerned," says Thomas. 

No one was going to jail says Werdlow but you could fire someone on the basis of the directives. 

Thomas is done. 

12:18PM Evelyn cross-examines. 

Meeting minutes from DBA board member of June 19th 2003. LaJuan Wilks, Tyrone Clifton, Ayanna Benson and Robert Hill were all present at this meeting. 

Werdlow says he can't recall if he saw the actual RFP for the Heilmann project. 

Now Evelyn puts up the RFP. Lists Rodney Stokes as the head of the Recreational Department. Vincent Anwunah listed but Lee Stepheson is not. 

Evelyn reads about DBA reserving the right to reject any proposals and that the DBA does not intend to award contracts solely based on responses to the RFP. 

Evelyn says there is nothing illegal about awarding contracts on basses other than just proposals. Witness agrees. 

Evelyn is done and Doeh has no further re-direct. 

12:23PM Doeh says they will start with a new witness tomorrow. Judge dismisses jury and says we'll be back tomorrow at 9AM.

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