Local 4 is inside the courtroom for the federal corruption trial of former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, Kilpatrick's dad Bernard Kilpatrick and his childhood friend Bobby Ferguson. Each day we bring you information from inside federal court as it happens.

9:15 AM: New witness to start things off with today:

The judge tells the jury to "hang in there," prior to a holiday break.
And here is the new witness: Bernard Parker.

Employment: President, BP3 and Associates "strategic development" in Detroit since 2009.

He's a business development person, lobbyist.

Client base includes: CONTRACTORS.

Focus, municipal contracts.

Employment history: City of Detroit, 1995 Law Department, moved to human rights department 1998-2000.

Dealt with Detroit based small business certification.

9:46 AM: The government has one of it's witnesses on the stand right now.

A young man named Bernard Parker III.

His resume is impressive, working in the private sector and with city government during the time Kwame Kilpatrick was mayor of Detroit.

Parker has insider information on how the city was being run at that time.

He's like a detective.

He was working to get business for a contractor who was also working with Bobby Ferguson.
A big chunk of money needed for a job wasn't being approved by the city.

Parker says he did the legwork to find out what was going on with this money.
He says he was led all the way to Kilpatrick's office, that the mayor was holding up the money.

He describes a tense pow-wow at Ferguson enterprises, where contractors on a big job and were furious with Ferguson and his people for not doing the work he was paid for and not buying the materials needed for the job that he was paid for.

The topic of the extra money needed for the job came up and Ferguson, a contractor said that amendment wouldn't move unless he got more money.

A big wig for one of the contractors turned to Parker when Ferguson left the room and was in shock saying "That's extortion! That's blackmail."

Kwame Kilpatrick is staring daggers at this kid.

He hasn't flinched just listening to him lay out what he says happened, chapter and verse.

10:24 AM: INSITUFORM backed away and wanted nothing to do with Ferguson and this money being "held up." 

Parker says he had a parking lot confrontation with Ferguson, Parker saying he was upset, with Ferguson taking this action, his own people contracted out to Insituform would be fired.

Parker says Detroiters with families were going to get hurt.

He says Ferguson was angry. That Parker was going against him and "the boss." He says the "boss" is Kilpatrick.