He also says Ferguson accused him of going against him, an African American and siding with "white folks."

Kilpatrick signed the amendment. 12/23/05.

A new contract is now being discussed.

A $75 Million deal water department contract to deal with the "Baby Creek" project.

Parker with working with Walbridge Aldinger at the time.

Walbridge submitted the second lowest bid of $73,106,728.00

It then dropped it's bid to over $69 Million and became the lowest bidder, but another firm, Walsh was in the lead to get the deal. Walsh is based in Chicago, not Detroit.
But Parker says Walbridge is Detroit based and he went to find out why they weren't being considered.

Parker met with Derrick Miller, Kwame Kilpatrick's right hand man at the mayor's office at the time.

Parker says he remembers their exchange this way: 

Miller: "Is Bobby in on the deal. He's not qualified to do it.

Parker: "He looked at me and said, well see if you can put him in on the deal, BP."

Parker says he was there to make sure the bid process was done properly, not to get Bobby Ferguson work.

10:43 AM: Back in session and right to a side-bar. 

10:53 Chutkow continues Direct Testimony of Bernard F. Parker III - Walbridge decided to include Bobby Ferguson in the Baby Creek Project (PC-748) because it was felt, this was the only way they would get the project.  

Ron Housman VP Walbridge Aldinger, hand-wrote a cartoonish contract breakdown totaling $12.73 million dollars This is what Ferguson would get if Waldbridge got the contract.  Parker said this is highly unusual. 

Brian Cruickshank wrote a letter that said Ferguson only got the job because a "high level official" in the city got it for him.

Ferguson confronted Parker in the parking lot of his church yelling expletives and was concerned about the letter "getting out" and causing him "issues."  Parker was concerned that the letter might get out in the media.  Parker's major concern was because it was illegal, and wanted Cruickshank to recant the letter.  

He was further concerned that Walbridge might not get anymore work if Kilpatrick saw the letter because Fergusons and the mayor were friends.  

In a meeting at Mosaic in Greektown, Parker spoke with Bobby Ferguson, Joe Shelton, and Calvin Hall about Oakwood CSO Project ($150m) Ferguson wanted 35% of the deal, but Ferguson would not provide bonding.  Bobby Ferguson said Victor Mercado would give Ron Housman of Walbridge a call. 

Feb 10, 2007 Kilpatrick Calendar notes a meeting with John Rakolton CEO of Walbridge at the Manoogian Mansion.  During this time the bid date was delayed by Ferguson in order to get FEI included in the deal.  Parker testifies this should be an "open process" and not controlled by a contractor.  

12:02 PM:

Parker went to work for xcel in 2007 (Ferguson's Company) as a business developer.  He worked on registering xcel as a small business for government funding advantages.  Evelyn calls for a side-bar. 

Back in session - Ferguson had "legal issues" in the SBA Registration, as a result Ferguson made Mike Woodhouse the President of xcel.  Parker testifies Bobby Ferguson still made all the decisions and was in control of xcel.  Ferguson had the biggest office and hired and fired people. 

During CM -2014 Project, Ferguson sent Parker to talk with Tom Hardiman of Lakeshore Engineering and "go put your foot in his a**" and tell him "they ain't going to get Sh** from the city unless they pay" Ferguson $80K.  Parker felt it was illegal and wrong, but did it anyway.

 Rachmale of LES was upset but told Tom Hardiman to write a check for $12K.  Ferguson was upset with the $12K and told Parker "this scary mother f***** owes me $80K and you bring me $12K!!!  Parker just looked at him like he was crazy.