Cut off by government objection. Judge overrules. 

Sidenote, Parker's dad is a Wayne County Commissioner. 

And Thomas sticking to the recount point. Parker saying he does not recall despite looking at documents. 

Parker says very strongly that he did not participate in the recount. Thomas says ok he will move on. 

Parker says on the 23rd or 24th of December he was in a meeting with Ferguson, Dennis Oszust of Inland at Ferguson Enterprises on Wyoming. Thomas hands witness document to refresh his recollection of the meeting. 

At that time Insituform was concerned with the approval of amendment #4 of 1368. Yesterday we heard that PAul Meschino of Insituform thought it was a dead issue that wasn't going anywhere. 

Parker says it wasn't his impression that the issue was dead but he did believe it was on the mayor's desk. 

At the meeting, Parker was surprised to learn that Kilpatrick had signed off on the administrative order earlier. Kwame approved the order on December 23rd 2005. 

"I don't use the term snitches sir," Parker tells Thomas about his city contacts. 

9:35AM Thomas says you have to rely on a source of information. Thomas saying to witness that you had certain impressions of amendment #4 when you met with Ferguson. Witness agrees. 

Thomas says "And those impressions turned out to be incorrect." Parker says "I don't know about that sir." 

Thomas and Parker arguing over the possibility that Kilpatrick didn't actually sign the order on December 23rd. Parker has implied it could have been backdated. 

Parker says prior to coming to court that he had not seen the special administrative order. 

"Did the government tell you about its difficulty in relation to your testimony," asks Thomas. No replies Parker. 

Parker says that in federal interviews he was asked about 1368. Thomas says you never told them about meeting Kilpatrick about 1368. Witness says he can't recall that. 

June 7th 2010- Thomas asks if Parker met with feds. Parker can't remember so he asks for a document to refresh his memory. Parker remembers and says that was not his first meeting. Had you talked to them before that meeting about 1368 asks Thomas. Parker replies no. And on the June 10th meeting did you mention it? 

Parker reviews the interview document to refresh his memory.

9:45AM Thomas asking when it first came up in interviews with feds that you met with Kilpatrick at a precinct delegate meeting. 

Kwame passes a note to Thomas at the podium. 

In an interview on October 30th 2012 with the feds, Parker could not remember where the meeting occurred. 

But now you remember asks Thomas incredulously? 

Thomas asks witness if he said yesterday that the mayor told him to get together with Ferguson about 1368. Parker a little flustered as he replies "Yes sir." 

Isn't it true that you said he (Kilpatrick) said that you should get together with Oszust and Ferguson on 1368. Yes says Parker. 

Then Thomas shows witness his statement on October 30th where he said that the mayor told him to see both Oszust and Ferguson because they were arm's length apart on 1368 amendment negotiations. So Parker contradicted himself in testimony yesterday when he said the mayor told him to meet only Ferguson. 

Now Thomas discussing Rakota, CEO, of Walbridge who he says knew Kilpatrick on a personal basis.