Parker says that Rakolta told him himself he could not get his calls returned by Kilpatrick. 

Thomas says but that was early on in your time at Walbridge. Thomas says they saw each other socially at each other's homes. Parker says he wouldn't know about that. 

Thomas asks witness how long witness knows Derrick Miller. Parker says for a long time, his father was Miller's baseball coach so he knew him from childhood. Also knew Ferguson for a long time. 

Thomas says so you fostered those childhood friendships. Parker says well sometimes childhood friendships don't carry into adulthood. Says I hadn't seen Miller ikn a very long time. 

Parker says he tried to re-engage Miller when Kilpatrick ran for office. 

Thomas says you are a person who tries to engage with city to benefit your employer- to develop relationships, to use that access to communicate further and get a benefit for the company. 

Thomas says you used commonality with Miller to get him to hear what you had to say. Parker says he didn't use him, it was a relationship. 

Thomas asks who the first person witness would have called in a situation with your employer. 

"It would have been Derrick," says Parker. 

10:00AM Evelyn cross-examines. 

"For the record I'm glad you're better sir," says Parker to Evelyn. 

Michigan State trained lobbyist also a paralegal says Parker. Witness says he is 43. Does not look it at all- would have said a decade younger. 

Parker confirming his father is Bernard Parker Jr who started "Operation Getdown" in 1971-72 during Coleman Young's administration. Sounds like a disco move. 

Parker says his father will retire from his position as Commissioner on December 31st. 

Evelyn says you met a lot of people through your father, they know you are Bernard Parker's son. Yes sir says the witness. 

Evelyn says part of what you do in the field of business development is a very localized driven business endeavor. Witness agrees. 

So easier for do your job in Detroit than say LA. 

So it's easier for you to take advantage of your contacts here. Parker not liking terms "exploiting and "taking advantage." 

You want to maintain relations that will facilitate things for your clients. Yes sir replies Parker. 

Parker is taking issue with term exploit. "I don't exploit," says Parker. 

Parker was campaign manager for Charlie Beckham. Was in charge of fund-raising and political connections. Parker saying the way the campaign was a little unorthodox when compared to other campaigns. 

Parker agrees he was compensated for his position with salary, bonus and sometimes percentage of what he brings in. 

With respect to cultivating relationships says Evelyn, sometimes you do things for them. Yes sir. 

Looking at an email sent by Parker on January 9th 2007 Michelle Luft, a former employee of Walbridge. A request for Walbridge to pay for some tickets to the Jamie Foxx Unpredictable tour. attending would be Parker, his wife and Christine Beatty and her spouse. Using funds from marketing account. 

Second email on March 16th 2007, again to Luft, for tickets to Kat Williams comedy show for Kandia Milton and wife  and Parker and wife.