April 3rd 2007, Tiger games request lists a series of dates Kandia and De Dan milton, also 2 employees from DWSD. 

Parker says he did this to cultivate relationships. Parker says he did not attend the games, or the comedy show and the Fox show. 

April 18th 2007, Parker requested 4 tickets to Earthquake Concert at the Fox. Tickets were for Miller and wife and Parker and wife. Again, Parker saying he did not attend. Earthquake apparently a comedy show. 

May 25th 2007, "don't laugh" request for tickets to New Edition concert for Miriam Dixon from the DWSD and friend and  and Parker and wife. Parker saying he did not go to concert because he couldn't get a babysitter. 

May 9th 2007, about a request a contribution to city Human Rights department intern program. Request for $2,500 for Kim Harris HR. Parker says he discussed contribution with Ron Hausmann of Walbridge. 

Email on March 13th 2007 from Tom Hayes to Jesse Norwood. From some company based in Alabama. About payment for Parker, 1% of contract as commision. Saying Parker wanted bonus of $300,000 of success of getting Fergsuson. Parker agreed to $25,000. 

"Jesse Norwood was afraid of dealing with the city of Detroit. He didn't want to deal with Bobby." says Parker. 

Evelyn incensed. "I didn't ask you that. Are you so desperate to do the government's job for them?" 

Looking at another email. November 1st 2004 email from Kenneth Quillen to Paul Meschino of Insituform about DWSD contract 849, a design/build project. Parker had sent an initial email saying: Team decided to add Ferguson enterprises and Multi-Solutions (Betty Kilpatrick- possibly Bernard's ex) the reasoning behind out team member decision involves or ability to maximize LED (Local Economic Development) opportunities. 

November 2nd 2004, Quillen email response to Parker's email. Concerned that Inland was going to push them out. Says Oszust of Inland picked most of the participanst including Ferguson Enterprises. 

Parker saying it has been so long he can't remember the emails. 

Quillen says we need to proceed with caution and he believes they are going to be manipulated. Going to be asked to reduce price. 

Email on January 6th 2005 from Parker to Insituform execs. Parker discusses receiving a call from a high level appointee of the Kilpatrick administration. This person reminded Parker that since employment with insituform work has increased dramatically under contract 1368. Parker says he was also told that additional work that might be added to the existing contracts as well as other possible contracts. 

Bernard says that the high-level appointee is Ferguson. Ferguson was never a high level appointee of the Kilpatrick administration. 

Evelyn says you either lied to your bosses or to the jury. Parker says he lied to his bosses. 

Evelyn says you are the sort of person who will lie if it's advantageous. Parker says he does not agree with line of questioning. 

10:30AM Evelyn says let's try to figure out what's true and not true. 

Email just mentions also says appointee asks for list of what Insituform had been doing in terms of corporate citizenship. 

Evelyn asks did Ferguson make you write that email. No admits Parker. 

Did Ferguson tell you to tell your boss that you had increased profits and that he was high level appointee. And to re-assess corporate citizenship. 

Yes he did says Parker. 

"M*****f***** you better think about what's going on." Those were apparently Ferguson's words on re-assessing corporate citizenship. Ferguson cracking up. 

In the email discusses appointee agreeing about others not hampering or interfering in their business. Parker also suggests that he and other Insituform execs should set up a meeting with Kilpatrick. 

Evelyn says so this letter is just a bunch of hogwash. Parker says he wrote the letter. Insituform was worried about Inland developing another company that would make them obsolete. 

Parker says the reasoning for the letter is 2-fold: to get money and to solidify relationships.