Evelyn saying you weren't saying to meet Ferguson in the letter. No sir says Parker. 

10:43AM Judge calls for a 20 minute break.

11:05AM First floor snack shop confessionals time. Not much to report today except that Kwame got a bottle of water and a bag of trail mix paid for by the guy I can only describe as "Bobby's handler." At least that's what we're calling him in the second floor media room. 

Just noticed that defense lawyer Mike Rataj has decided to do without his glasses today. Never seen him without them. 

11:15AM Session picks up again. Government lawyer Chutkow asks for a brief sidebar. 

Kwame, Ferguson and "handler guy" all standing. Bernard is sitting at the table writing some notes. Christmas cards perhaps? 

Evelyn picks up his cross. Decides to go in an another direction. 

A defense document seems to be incomplete and government doesn't have all the pages but government ok with Evelyn asking about it. 

Letter from Daniel Edwards at the DWSD to Jacquelyn Jordan at DWSD on September 22nd 2002. About advertising for the Babby Creek project. Advertised in the Detroit legal News, Michigan Contractor & Builder and the Michigan Chronicle. Bids to be opened October 31st 2002 at the Coleman A Young Municipal Center Building. 

Parker volunteers that it's odd to have a 2 week turn around time between pre-bid conference on October 15th and the bid opening. 

Evelyn tells witness he wasn't asked that and to answer only what he is asked. 

Apparently a city of Detroit document was attached to a Walbridge Aldinger document so they have been separated so that jury is clear on where they each came from. 

Looking at Walbridge internal document listing contractors, Ferguson Enterprises amongst them. Parker says he has never seen the document before.

 Looking at a 6 page document. Starts with email from Ron Hausmann to John Rakolta and others at Walbridge. About Baby Creek project. Talks about specifics on bids being very close and how it seems that they might have the job. 

Parker says he thinks he submitted the bid. Has never seen the email before either. 

"And for a sweet $73 million job everyone will get vicious," writes Hausmann in his email. 

"Because this will be a real dog fight you know. There is no protocol or precedent that the City has for this, and their administrators are frankly way over their heads in trying to comprehend the permutations. Please don't share this stuff unless you feel you must." 

Baby Creek a very coveted project. 

3rd page of exhibit a fax cover sheet to Walbridge form Faith robinson at DWSD Contracts and Grants on contract 748, Baby Creek.

 February 10th 2003 letter from DWSD's Dan Edwards on $69 million bid from Walbridge being the lowest bid on 748. 

February 12th 2003 email from Parker to Hansen, Hausmann and subject is Baby Creek project. Says he spoke with Dan Edwards, indicated that he had talked to City's lawyers who said that Audrey Jackson of City's Purchasing had been given the go ahead to conduct a review. Basically indicates Walbridge getting 748. Parker says it was not insider information from Edwards. 

Looking at handwritten agreement between Ron Hausmann and Ferguson on February 14th 2003. This agreement made after Edwards' let them know it looked like they were getting Baby Creek. 

February 11th 2003 email from City's Human Rights department to Walbridge about Executive Order #22. Saying that the department has been made aware that the have received a contract. So a day later, Walbridge is given interim clearance Baby Creek. 

11:40AM Parker says Executive Order #22 is about the labor force-  have to have a quota of minority women and Detroit residents on the contract. 

More emails involving Walbridge. First is email from Hausmann to Rakolta on January 7th 2007. Heads up that Rakolta may get a call from Ferguson on Oakwood and his involvement with dirt team on the job. Looks like Walbridge reached out to Ferguson on Oakwood.