Another email from Scott Penrod at Walbridge to Parker and others. Seems they are asking Parker to get bid date pushed back by a week. 

Another email from Penrod in March 2007 forwarding Parker's email to him. Indicates that Parker has talked to DWSD and the date was pushed back to the date Walbridge wanted. 

Parker says he did not get Edwards to push it back. 

"What you are insinuating is misleading", says Parker. 

Why was bid date pushed back? "Because bulletin #3 wasn't prepared." 

Evelyn says so not unusual for bid date to be pushed back. No says the witness. 

Evelyn talking about DWSD contract 2014 with Lakeshore Engineering. Talking about testimony yesterday about Ferguson asking him to get his city contacts to decertify E & T Trucking. 

On the bid proposal, it looks like E & T Trucking's Minority Business Enterprise certification is "in process." 

Talking about when witness worked for Ferguson's Xcel and Ferguson Enterprises. 

Evelyn lists Parker's employment history:

Walbridge 2002-2004

Insituform 2004-2006

Walbridge 2006-2007

Xcell 2007-2009

Evelyn says so after all this conduct with Ferguson you went to work with him? 

"I made a bad judgment, yes." 

Evelyn says after you had talked to Ferguson about putting citizens of Detroit you went to work for him? 

"Yes sir." 

Looking at another document which is a letter from March 12th 2009 that Parker wrote to Sheila Cockrel. He wrote to several other Council members the exact same letter. Wanted to meet with them to discuss Ferguson Enterprises and their ability to provide quality work. Recent "nay" vote on 2 contracts having a negative impact that will cause uptick in homelessness, unemployment and foreclosures. 

Letter from June 19th 2009 addressed to Parker from DWSD on contract 668 "water system improvements". City Council denial of the contract. DWSD recommended that Ferguson Enterprises be awarded the contract based on the fact that they were lowest bidder. But contract not approved by City Council. Denied twice. So after 2 denials, the DWSD has to go to the next lowest bidder. 

12:03PM If City Council doesn't approve a contract it doesn't happen. DWSD was given no reason, explanation or rationale for why they denied the contract. suggested that FEI contact City Council directly for explanation. 

Parker laughing for a reason I cannot figure out. 

Left Ferguson Enterprises in 2009. But before prepared a consultant agreement with Ferguson Enterprises that was never enacted. Parker wanted Ferguson as his first client. 

Parker says agreement was not his idea. The document was a preformed document into which he entered information. But he did generate the document. 

August 20th 2009, states that BP Associates will provide services to Ferguson. Will receive bi-monthly payment of $2,500 a month. Also asking for a %: .5% for any contract brought in as a bonus.