So, Evelyn says, despite extortion and illegal conduct experiences with Ferguson, you still wanted him to be your first customer? Yes sir. 

Evelyn lists Parker's several interviews with the feds. So you've had a lot of exposure to the government? Yes sir. 

And you've been asked questions about your expected testimony? 

Evelyn mentions cigar bar in Harmony Park where he saw Jim Thomas. 

Evelyn asks if witness remembers seeing him there last year. Evelyn says "you see me, wave and as I go past you come out to see me." 

Government objects and asks for sidebar. 

Evelyn has obviously been told to drop this line. But asks about seeing a Clarence Carpenter at the Lahabana cigar. That the witness showed him invoices owed him on the cell phone. Witness says he doesn't remember. 

Did you approach him about getting paid $5,000 for business. Yes sir. 

And did you show him invoices on your cell phone. 

"Emphatically no sir." 

12:15PM Mark Chutkow redirects for the government. 

Chutkow addresses comment about working for the government. 

"Are you working for the government?" 

"No sir." 

"Why are you here?" 

"I was subpoenaed." 

Witness says he doesn't want to be there. He has not been threatened with prosecution or financial gain to be here. 

"Do you have anything to gain from being here?" asks Chutkow. No says witness. 

 Looking at email from Jesse Norwood where he said he didn't want to deal with Ferguson. 

Email from Parker to Insituform execs on January 6th 2005. This is email where Parker said he had talked to high level appointee in the Kilpatrick administration. Parker says he wrote the email because Bobby wanted money from Insituform and at that time Insituform was worried that Inland Waters was going to push them out so they were trying to create a strategy.


Parker said he believed that Ferguson was influential in the city administration. Witness felt he had very high level of influence. 

"He was the mayor's best friend." 

Looking at email October 23rd 2005. From Parker to Paul Meschino where he says he talked to Kilpatrick at invite-only Precinct Delegate reception. Where Kilpatrick supposedly told witness to talk to Bobby about contract. Witness says this was face to face. 

Summer of 2005 meeting at Ferguson Enterprises with Ferguson, Oszust of Inland about the amendment to 1368 being held up. Witness says this was months before December 2003 approval by Kilpatrick. Witness says this was a face to face meeting with Ferguson.