Chutkow addressing emails to get tickets for public officials. 

Witness says he has never given cash, flights, dress suits or Cartier watches to public officials under questioning by Chutkow. 

Thomas calls for sidebar. 

Chutkow addresses "bad judgment" statement about working with Ferguson. 

"It has cost me personally and professionally," says Parker 

"I don't have an ax to grind with either Ferguson or Kilpatrick," he adds. 

Chutkow done with redirect. Judge asks if there is any more re-cross for witness. Both Thomas and Evelyn say they have more. 

Thomas at the podium to ask a question and Kwame gets up behind him to stop him from asking question. Thomas tells him to sit back down but doesn't ask question. 

12:30PM Court adjourned until tomorrow at 9AM. 

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