Shea says that a mortgage application in 2004 does not prove how much cash he may have had in 2003. Earlier in the morning, Shuch pointed to the fact that in a 2004 mortgage application Bernard indicated he had no funds. 

The witness agrees with Shea. 

Shea is done. The IRS agent steps down and Judge Nancy Edmunds calls for a 20 minute break.

10:42AM Break is over and Judge Edmunds has just asked counsel to approach the bench. Still missing today is Bobby Ferguson lawyer Susan Van Dusen. Not sure why she is out and when she will be back. 

Kwame, Bobby and Bernard are chatting away at the defendants' table. Bernard has got on the classic dark suit, vest and light blue tie. Good conservative suit for sitting under the glaring spotlight of faulty tax returns. 

Kwame on the other hand seems to be embracing casual Friday a little too hard. He ditched the tie today and is rocking what I swear looks like a white mock turtleneck. Not a good look on anybody. 

10:49AM Jury enters the courtroom. 

Looks like we are doing the Michelin man money stuffing re-enactment today. Government calls Steven Lorenz. Oversees screening operations at Detroit Metro Wayne County airport. Since June 2003 with TSA, division of Homeland Security. 

4 or 5 levels between him and the people who do airport screenings at the airport. 

In September 2008, the airport had CEIA magnatometer. 

On October 15th, 2012, a CEIA metal detector performed a test while passing $90,000 through it. 

Witness says they do recalibration with the machine to maintain standards. Witness has oversight responsibilities over that. 

Witness says purpose of magnatometer is to detect metal- knives, guns. 

Visual alarm- lights up. Audible alarm as well. 

Other objects could set off metal detector: coins, pagers, phones. 

Has not known paper currency to set off metal detector. Not its purpose to detect it. If they set screenings to do that, it would bring airports to a halt says witness. 

Witness says it is not illegal to take large amounts of cash domestically. Internationally, anything over $10,000 must be reported. 

Talking about October 2012 test with standards persent in September 2008. 2 stage test: first stage, Special Agent Jensen took metal off his person and walked through detector 100 times without setting off. 

Then took the $90k in 9 stacks, put it on his person and went through the magnatometer 100 times. Again, the alarm did not go off. No alert about the presence of currency. 

Where's the video? would love to see this test being performed. Bet jury would too. 

11:00AM Jim Thomas, Kwame's lawyer, cross-examines. This should be interesting. 

Discussing layout of terminals in 2008. Witness says he moved into North Terminal in September 2008. 

Thomas says there is more than one body scanner at the McNamara terminal. witness says there are 15 units total at the airport. 

In September 2008, there were 2. One screened people coming off international flight. The other was at the McNamara terminal in the north end. 

Thomas talking about Mahlon Clift and this if he had gone through scanning device, the money would have been detected. Witness says that would be correct.