Apparently we are going to see the video in a minute of the agent with money around his waistband. 

Thomas asks if witness knows why the placed money in the waistband instead of pockets. Witness does not know. 

Asks if Lorenz knows why certain denominations were used. Lorenz does not. 

So Thomas ascertains witness just there to make sure magnatometer functioning properly. 

Thomas discussing CEIA sensitivty settings which can be calibrated. Lorenz says there are different settings on the equipment, yes. 

Thomas says that he read something about the settings being well below detectable levels for the test. Asking if it could have been too low to set off alarms. 

Lorenz says that based on settings, there were no visual or audible alarms on the 200 pass-throughs. 

Witness says there were other people recording levels during the test. 

Witness says he is looking at other folks in the courtroom when Thomas asks what he is doing. Thomas asks if he is looking at the next witness who will be testifying after him. No says Lorenz. 

11:35AM Thomas shows a clip of a CEIA magnatometer test video. Just saw a guy in just a white t shirt and jeans walk through the detector. apparently this is agent Joe Jensen who walked through the device 200 times. 

In another part of the clip, a TSA agent is hanging over the side of a wall while the special agent takes bundles of money and places them in the waistband of his jeans. Bundles appear to be an inch or so thick. 

Thomas is asking the courtroom for rubber gloves. 

The agent, who is not a bad looking guy if I might add, is stuffing wads of cash into the back of his pants. Getting a good view of his backside. I think I'm actually blushing. 

The special agent still stuffing wads of cash in his waistband and counting them. He's finished and readjusts his white tshirt to hang over his jeans. I can't tell at all that he has wads of cash stuffed in his pants. 

Looking at a side view of the agent. I don't see anything. 

Witness says he doesn't see anything. 

"Do you need glasses?" asks Thomas saying that he clearly sees a crease around the waistline. Says there is a line from his waist to the front of his shirt. 

Thomas asks that if the witness saw that or someone screening saw that and didn't make a phone call. 

Witness says he sees creases like that thousands of times a day without making a call. 

Thomas is incredulous, "Creases like that?!?" 

Witness says "If I were the officer, I would not do anything." 

"And you ensure our safety," asks Thomas. Judge Edmunds admonishes him, "Mr. Thomas." 

Thomas points to a backshot of agent and says wouldn't you say anything. I cannot see a single thing except that the agent has one fine behind.

11:48AM Lorenz says there are different layers to security. 

Thomas asks wouldn't one of those layers be to ask someone to step aside and be patted down?