The special agent walks back towards the magnatometer to go back through. 

Thomas points out that the agent is fiddling with his shirt and asks Lorenz if he doesn't find that suspicious. Lorenz says he sees that thousands of times daily. 

"He appears very fit and thin," says the witness about the special agent. I agree completely. 

Thomas talking about the importance of maintaining security in Detroit. Lorenz says people are well trained and if they feel additional measures are needed, they will raise those concerns. 

Thomas is done. 

11:50AM Mike Rataj, Bobby Ferguson's lawyer, cross-examines. 

Asks witness weird question as to whether he is Agent Jensen or Lorenz. Witness is Lorenz. 

Witness says there were approximately 7 to 10 people involved in the October 2012. Witness says he did not read Mahlon Clift's testimony prior to the test and knew nothing about his weight and height. 

Witness says special agent Jensen took 9 bundles of money and placed them around his waistband. 

Rataj asks if they did the test with Jensen stuffing money into his pockets. witness says they didn't. 

"No further questions," says Rataj. 

11:55AM Blackwell redirects. 

Witness agrees detectors serve purpose of eliminating objects that might be dangerous to passengers or plane. 

Witness says that a passenger flying to Chicago in 2008 would not have a limit to amount of currency they could carry. 

Witness says TSA does not look for currency on passengers because they are focused on security. 

11:57AM Thomas re-crosses. 

Asks witness that unless Agent Jensen lifted his shirt would he know if he was hiding cash or a bomb. No says the witness. 

11:58AM Blackwell redirects and asks witness if he saw anything once the agent pulled his shirt down after stuffing the wads of cash. Lorenz says he did not. 

5 minute break then I'm hoping cutie pie Jensen takes the stand. 

12:08PM Back in the courtroom and Judge Edmunds is ready to get things going again. 

Government calls FBI agent Joseph Jensen, Unfortunately he is not in his tight Levis. Has been with FBI for 2 and 1/2 years. Prior to FBI, was an army captain in Iraq. 

Jensen says he had to fill out a lot of paperwork to withdraw $90,000 to use for test. Brought it to court today. Blackwell pulls out huge stack of cash and hands it to Jensen who sets it in front of him. Jensen says this was the cash he used in test: $73,500 in $100 bills and the balance in $50s. 

Jensen says 9 stacks are $10,000 each with some with 50/50 split between $100 and $50 bills. 

Blackwell is holding up stacks and showing it to jurors. Judge decides its best not to pass around to the jury. 

"Not that I don't trust you guys," to roars of laughter from the courtroom.