12:15PM Thomas cross-examines. 

Jensen says he was involved of planning test as well as Homeland Security and other FBI. 

Jensen says he was not in the courtroom for Mahlon Clift's testimony. 

Jensen says government attorneys were involved in the planning of test. Jensen says he understands that Vlift says he carried mostly $100 bills which is why the made some stacks that were 85% $100s and the rest $50s. 

Jensen says that he decided to put the money in his waistline. Says he made the decision on his own. 

Thomas says he did not place money in his pockets or his gym short pockets. Jensen says he did not but that he was wearing gym shorts. 

Clift testified that he put money in his gym short pockets and then wore pants over that. 

Thomas says would you agree if there were more $50s in the stacks, the stacks would be higher. witness agrees but says that the witness stated stacks were made up mostly of $100s. 

Jensen says that the understanding was to conceal the money. Can't remember who told him that. 

Thomas asks witness if knows what type of gym shorts Clift was wearing. Witness does not. 

Thomas is stacking up the bundles to demonstrate how the witness would stuff them in pockets. 

Thomas asking if the witness didn't want the test to be accurate. Witness says the test was accurate.

But did you put the money in your pockets? Witness says that was not the point of the test but to see if the currency set off the magnatometer. 

Jensen says the test area was segregated from other passengers. 

Thomas says defense was questioning credibility of Clift going through detector with $90,000. Thomas asks why witness pulled down his shirt to go through detectors. 

Thomas says would it not been easier to see the bulk if it had been packed in his legs instead of his waist. Witness supposes so. 

Thomas done. No more cross-examination or redirect. Jensen leaves with the bundles of cash. 

12:28PM Government calls FBI agent Bob Beeckman back to the stand. Again. 

US Attorney Mark Chutkow questions the witness. Chutkow says they have a timeline as part of Beeckman's testimony. For demonstrative purposes only. 

Talking about Bernard Parker III testimony about working with Walbridge. 

Text exchange between Kwame and Bobby on September 11th 2002 

B: You won't to meet with jonh rakota jr from wlabridge (actually text spelling)


K: is that main guy 

B: yes he is. Bernard parker work for walbridge...