K: Cool let's set it up.

B: Thank you. 

At this point Kwame has been in office 8 months. Rakolta is CEO of Walbridge which is headquartered in Detroit. 

Government is placing timeline exhibit in front of the jury but out of our view. 

Looking at timeline for Baby Creek- PC 748: 

09/28/02 RFP advertised 

10/31/02 Bid opening (original) 

02/06/03  Bid opening (Actual)- delayed due to patent infringement lawsuit. 

02/10/03 Lowest responsive Equalized Bidder Letter prepared- all the bidder certifications and boxes checked. Walbridge got this letter 

02/11/03 Bid protest. Other bidders not selected challenge the awarded contract. One protester is Walsh based in Chicago with office in Detroit. 

02/14/03 Walbridge/FEI agreement. Handwritten. 

02/17/03 City Decision on Equalization Credits/Bid Protests. Equalization is leveling playing field and giving preference to local companies. 

02/18/03 DWSD Memo Walbridge re Lowest Bidder 

02/21/03 Mercado Memo and SA Order to Kilpatrick 

04/08/03 Kilpatrick signs SA Order to award the project.  

Looking at intra-departmental DWSD memo from Daniel Edwards on February 18, 2003. Recommendation to evaluate bidder in 748. 

This memo referenced in the timeline. Bid protests were on February 11th 2003- L. D'agostini and Walsh amongst protesters. 


Another text between Kwame and Bobby on October 21st 2002 Bobby: Walbridge is not playing ball black man, these white folks need to be made believers that they are not in control. 

Kwame: Will call later.  

Looking at internal Walbridge evaluation on sub-contractors. Ferguson Enterprises, Lanzo, Ric-Man amongst those listed. Shows bid figures for the work. Also ranked for preference internally by Walbridge. WPM ranked #1 at $8.8 million, Lanzon #2 with $9.9 million, #3 is John Carlo with $7.9 million bid and #4 is FEI with $8.4 million bid amount and $10.9 million unit amount.

Defense calls for sidebar. 

The above document obtained from Walbridge. Witness does not know who handwrote any of the numbers on the document. 

Judge says that the juror should know that the witness doesn't know for sure what the numbers on the bottom of the page indicate.  

Now looking at bid form and bid form attachments from Walbridge on PC 748. Lists the Patton Park portion of the project for $10 million. Rec department and DWSD struck a deal to work on this portion of the project.