Local 4 is inside the courtroom for the federal corruption trial of former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, Kilpatrick's dad Bernard Kilpatrick and his childhood friend Bobby Ferguson. Each day we bring you information from inside federal court as it happens.

Lots of commotion Tuesday at the courthouse. Big Kwame Kilpatrick related story is that he accepted $2,000 from Chicago pastor Corey Brooks as a Christmas gift and never declared it to the Department of Corrections. He was caught on a Walmart camera counting out the funds. 

Brooks and Kilpatrick were were busy on twitter attempting some damage control. Last night Kwame tweeted Brooks: 

"Sending a big THANK YOU to Pastor @CoreyBBrooks and The New Beginnings Church Family in Chicago. Carlita & I are humbled by your generosity." 


@wfmatix Absolutely Good Brother! Thank you so much for the shout and support. Much love to you and your family.

Other tweets between the pair: 


When @fox32news showed up, I thought we were going to talk about our 2 members that were murdered, but they asked me about a Christmas Gift. 


Thankfully @fox32news informed me that my personal info was shared by a Clerk at Walmart in DET trying 2bring attention to @KwameAndFamily 

Corey Brooks:

Thank you @fox32news for being on top of the story and providing me with the information about the invasion of my privacy. #Grateful


@CoreyBBrooks Sorry that u had to deal w/the tremendous invasion of your privacy. Please continue to fight the good fight for our children! 

Otherwise this morning, we will be continuing with the testimony of former Kwame Kilpatrick BFF Derrick "Zeke" Miller. Hopefully it will have a little more dramatic oomph than yesterday's.

9:10AM Long sidebar this morning before the jurors are called in. Plenty to talk about this morning. 

9:15AM Jury is in and US Attorney Mark Chutkow explaining a check exhibit to the jurors. It was a check from Jon Rutherford's DPR Management company to Next Generation Detroit for $34,000. The Next Generation Detroit PAC in question is not affiliated to Kilpatrick so the exhibit has been withdrawn. 

"Zeke" Miller back on the stand. Talking about Glenn Blanton who replaced Lou Pavledes as director of Cobo Hall. Miller told by Kilpatrick to let Blanton go because he "was compromised" and potentially wiring a wire for the feds. Miller says he had his own concerns that Blanton was wearing a wire because he was acting a little odd. 

Miller met with Blanton in his office to let him go. Next as director of Cobo was Tom Tuskey. 

Miller says when Kilpatrick took office he understood the power of the Detroit Building Authority (DBA) and it was something he wanted a tight rein over given the high contractual volume generated from there. 

Miller says that ultimately Kilpatrick decided he wanted Ayanna Benson, a relative, as head of the DBA. He appointed her there as his person at the DBA. 

Chairman of the DBA Board of Directors was Christine Beatty- a move strongly advocated by Kilpatrick. Miller was also on the board as well as Sean Werdlow and others. 

Miller says that contracts relative to Bobby Ferguson were a priority from the DBA. Miller talked to Kilpatrick and Beatty about it. But never talked to Ayanna Benson about steering contracts Ferguson's way. 

There was a project management contract, elevator reconstruction, building a new restaurant facility- all DBA contracts that went to Ferguson.