Talking about the Downtown Development Authority- extension of the Detroit Economic Growth Corp. Miller was on its board as well as Roger short, Jeff Beasley, Sean Werdlow. Involved downtown development. 

There was the Book Cadillac contract in which Ferguson did demolition. Kilpatrick wanted Ferguson to get the contract. 

"He saw it as a signature contract. A significant project for the administration. A flagship," says Miller. 

Miller says he wanted Ferguson on it but also wanted equal participation in terms of minority and Detroit contractors. 

Demolition projects were a priority in city government. They were overseen by DBSE, Detroit Buildings and Safety engineering. Amaruneah oversaw that department. Ferguson oversaw some demolition work. 

Talking about John Adamo getting Detroit demolition work. 

Chutkow asks for a sidebar to explain his foundation more fully. 

9:30AM Miller met with Adamo and Adamo indicated that he was having a hard time getting demolition business in the city at the time. Adamo said that he didn't have a good relationship with Ferguson and felt that might be why he was not getting work. Adamo said he was a Detroit-based business. 

Miller visited Adamo's location on the eastside of Detroit. Adamo had a physical location on 7 mile in Detroit. Miller went by himself on this site visit. 

Miller then spoke to the mayor about his visit and the meeting with Adamo. Relayed about how Adamo's business had been there for years and thought that in part he wasn't getting work because of Ferguson interfering. 

Mayor was actually pretty receptive to the news. 

Miller also talked to Ferguson about Adamo. Ferguson's response was that he had bad blood with Adamo with their companies always competing for contracts. Ferguson said that Adamo was not to be trusted.

9:40AM Text exchange from July 21st 2004 

Ferguson: Hey don't let Zeke let Adamo in. We can't trust them and they bad mouthing all of us. 

Mayor: What 

Ferguson: Adamo Demolition. zeke will be coming to you about helping them but it's not cool I don't trust them and they lost that's the bottom line. everyone bidded and they lost.  

Mike Farrow came to talk to Miller. Complained about Ferguson too. Said he was a demolition contractor headquartered in Detroit and said Ferguson was stepping on his business. Felt Amru Meah was working against him too by being negative towards him too. Farrow's business is a minority enterprise, on the eastside of Detroit. 

Miller said he spoke to Meah about Farrow but doesn't remember speaking to Ferguson about him. 

Miller said there was a period of time where city council was looking into demolition contracts and who was doing the work. The liaison to city council reported back to Miller who then took it to cabinet discussion with mayor. 

City council had received complaints about demolition work in terms of effectiveness and who was receiving the work. City council was concerned about contractual amounts. Miller says the demolition contracts were being scrutinized for their contractual limit amounts. Contractors had a limits of what they could receive from the city. Once those limits had been surpassed, there had to be amendments. Ferguson had exceeded his contractual limits. 

Miller conveyed this to Kilpatrick and that action had to be taken to extend his amount in order to allow him to continue doing demolition work. 

Talking about Inland Waters Pollution Control. Contract with Inland Waters that was being paused. Miller talked to Ferguson about the contract- Bobby wanted to participate in it. Kilpatrick was present in the conversation where Ferguson expressed his interest in the contract. Mayor had an interest in assisting Ferguson. Miller then made a call to Inland Waters to support that at the mayor's direction. Kilpatrick wanted Miller to ask for Ferguson participation in the project. Miller spoke to Dennis Oszust of Inland Waters. 

Inland Waters was already teamed with Charlie Williams, a former head of the DWSD. In 2002, Miller went to the Mackinaw Policy Conference. Talked to the mayor there about the contract and Kilpatrick asked him to talk to Kathleen McCann about the contract. Miller approached McCann and asked what the status was in regards to Ferguson participating on the project. Miller says McCann was very curt and she seemed a little agitated. She was vague and didn't want to engage in the  conversation. 

Miller was surprised at her reaction. Told Kilpatrick about McCann's agitated reaction. Miller doesn't remember former mayor's response. 

Now going to the fall of 2005. Miller still Chief Administrative Officer at the time. Discussing the sinkhole project and payment related to Ferguson. There was an amendment for Inland Waters on the sinkhole that had not been processed. Ferguson felt that he had not been paid for work performed for Inland. Ferguson told this to Miller, that he was owed money.