Mayor's assistant: Derrick can you call me the mayor wants you to handle the mtg with thomas hardiman today at 4:30pm. He wants you to listen & be vague. 

"I listened and was vague," says Miller about his meeting with Tom Hardiman. Followed Kilpatrick's instructions. 

Miller told Kilpatrick about Hardiman's concern about his negative relationship with Ferguson. 

Miller also told Ferguson who basically said "screw them." 

Miller says the contract was later rolled into an existing contract with Inland Waters. 

Kilpatrick basically said that the contract would not be awarded to Lakeshore. Miller conveyed this to Mercado who said "ok." 

10:30AM Moving to another topic so judge says this is a good time to take the 20 minute break.

You replied on 1/8/2013 11:39 AM.

New tidbit I learned about the courthouse security and magnatometers. Apparently, many women come through with their cell phones- not allowed in the courthouse- in their bras exclaiming they forgot they were there. It's always something new here at the courthouse....

11:00AM Judge Nancy Edmunds enters the courtroom.

Continuing with Derrick Miller and contract 1361. Kilpatrick said contract was to be canceled because Ferguson had asked him to cancel it. Kilpatrick then told Miller to tell Mercado to cancel the contract.

Talking about contract 849 about the outfalls into the river. Looking at an email from Bernard Parker dated February 1st 2005. Subject is meeting with Miller about the outfalls contract.

Parker talks about meeting Miller to discuss 849 and future opportunities with the city.

Parker discussed that Ferguson was not involved in the design build team. Miller asked why Ferguson was not included. Ferguson was already working with Lanzo construction.

Parker assured Miller that Ferguson would ultimately have a spot on Insituform's team.

Miller says it was standard for him to inquire about work opportunities for Ferguson. It was important for Miller to know about Ferguson's work possibilities.

Miller talked to Angelo D'Alessandro, principal of Lanzo, about his canceled contract. D'Alessandro had solicited meeting to see why 1361 had been canceled. Talked about D'Alessandro's tense relationship with Ferguson.

Miller told D'Alessandro that it was a management decision to cancel the contract. Never made any assurances to D'alessandro that he would get the next major contract.

Now talking about Walbridge Aldinger.

Text on September 11th 2002

Ferguson: You wont to meet with john rakolta jr from walbridge

Mayor: is that the main guy

Ferguson: yes he is. Bernard parker work for walbridge now basically because of them....

Mayor: cool. lets set it up.

Ferguson: thank you.