February 18th 2003 DWSD memo about the Baby Creek project. Walbridge Aldinger submitted lowest equalized bid. Miller talked to Parker, who represented Walbridge at the time, relative to the Baby Creek contract. Parker was expressing interest in getting consideration for the project through the equalization process.

Parker said that their team was already set and already had their minority participation. Miller mentioned getting Ferguson involved in the Patton Park project that was part of the Baby Creek contract.

Miller talked to Kilpatrick that the Baby Creek opportunity was out there and that Ferguson wanted in on it. Kilpatrick advised him to talk to Parker about it.

February 7 and 10 2003

Miller: Call me 5104781.

3 days later Ferguson replies: Just got back in town. Had death in my family.

Text February 10 2003

Ferguson: Zeke I know why you called me. I wont know what kind of deal it will be until 3:00 about the walbridge issue.

Miller: Cool.

Ferguson: Thank you.

Ferguson: FYI William Philip has been hired to review the ordinance by Walsh Construction. I told him he needs to talk to you wonts he makes determination.

Walsh a Chicago company based in Detroit. William an attorney who went to high school with Miller and Kilpatrick. The ordinance refers to adjusted equalizattion credits given to Degtroit headquartered businesses as opposed to just based like Walsh had with its satellite office.

Ferguson: I need for you to talk to audrey Jackson purchasing pc 748 baby creek before she announced her decision.

Purchasing tabulated bids and announced them. Ferguson told Miller he was going to meet with Walbridge to discuss this and wanted to have this information first. "Her" decision would be about who won the contract.

Miller: I did.

Ferguson: Whats the verdict? Im in with walbridge now do you wont them on the job and does it legally work.

Ferguson: Talk to me.

February 10 2003

Ferguson: I need to talk to you about the walsh call you received Friday.

William Phillips: OK I am calling you now.

Miller says he talked to Phillips about his representation of Walsh in the matter of the Detroit headquarter ordinance. Miller says he decided to give Ferguson Jackson's results in advance because "he asked me to."

On February 10 2003 there is a letter from Daniel Edwards at the DWSD to Walbridge Aldinger. Audrey Jackson is copied on it. Says lowest equalized bidder is Walbridge Aldinger with $69 million. Before equalization, just based on raw numbers, Walsh was the lowest bidder.

Another text on February 13 2003

Lisa Nocerini to Miller: Curtis is here I told him about 15 mins...also victor mercado needs to talk to you asap regarding baby creek, said it is urgent...

Email from Daniel Edwards on February 13th 2003 to Mercado. Subject is Baby Creek bid protests. Has left message with Jackson to hold off response on bid protests.