Miller says the only reason Mercado would have talked to him about this would have to do with headquartered-business issue.

February 14th 2003 handwritten agreement between Ferguson and Walbridge that says if Walbridge gets Baby Creek they will sub-contract to Ferguson Enterprises work for $2.73million as well as Patton Park project for $10 million

11:35AM Text on February 14th 2003

Sean Werdlow: D, we are all set on Walbridge. Give me a call. Sean.

February 21st 2003 transmittal of a special administrative order from Mercado to Kilpatrick. Talks about how bid opening date on Baby Creek was pushed back to February 6th 2003. Says that Walbridge is a Detroit-based business and they have been awarded the bid. Total cost of project is $73 million. 

Special administrative order to award contract 748, Baby Creek, signed by Kwame Kilpatrick on April 8th 2003. 

Now talking about local business magnate Tony soave. Miller says he flew on his private planes a few times. Miller says mayor was on vacation when Detroit blackout occurred in 2003. 

Text on August 16th 2003 from Kilpatrick to Miller 

Mayor: This private plane is the sh**. 

Kwame is looking at the jurors and laughing.

Text on April 12 2004 

Carlita: Does the plane we are in have a vcr or dvd player on it?

Miller: Let me check. 

More text on April 12 2004 

Miller: Please call Jay the pilot and ask him if plane has dvd or vhs 

Denise, Miller's assistant: Will do. 

Miller believes Carlita was going to Florida. 

Talking about Bermuda trip on soave jet with Mike Martin, EPU, Sgt Love, EPU, Jeff Beasley, Andre Cunningham, Mahlon clift, Kilpatrick and Ferguson. Kilpatrick was going to Bermuda to visit Minister of Tourism. 

"The rest of us? We were just going," says Miller about why the entourage went to Bermuda.

Miller says he went to Tallahassee on Soave jet in 2007. Miller was no longer working for the city. Beasley, Cunningham, Jonathan Quarles, Executive Assistant to the mayor, he believes were also on the trip. Mayor was speaking at Florida A & M University. From Talahassee they went to Miami. 

Miller says there were discussions with a Mr. Watkins in Florida. Watkins was seeking support for various of his companies from the Pension Board. 

11:50AM Chauncey Mayfield also had business with city of Detroit Pension Funds- the general retirement system as well as the police and fire retirement system. 

Mayor's office had representation on the boards- Jeff Beasley, city treasurer of Detroit appointed by Kilpatrick, Dedan Milton, Commissioner Scott or Seth Doyle, Walter Moore, a police officer. 

Miller went with Mayfield by private jet to Las Vegas. Miller says he doesn't know if Mayfield chartered the jet. Beasley, Kilpatrick, Miller, Lucius Vasser, Dedan Milton, possibly was there. 

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