Miller says that in Vegas, they golfed, went to some concerts. Miller doesn't know who paid for concerts and golf but Mayfield paid for jet. 

Went to Charlotte on a jet provided by Mayfield. Miller doesn't remember when. Beasley, Sgt Love, Mike Martin, Kilpatrick, Dedan Milton, Ferguson, maybe was there. Purpose was business meeting with associates of Bob Johnson. Beasley. Milton and Kilpatrick all present at the meeting. 

12:00PM 5 minute break.

12:10PM Talking about Synagro Technologies. Became aware of them through Jim Sype who worked for the House of Representatives when Kwame was state rep. Sype had a relationship with Jim Rosendall of Synagro. The company was in the waste business, worked to turn water waste sludge into fertilizer to use as a by-product. Synagro wanted contract with DWSD. It was over a billion dollar contract.

Miller met Rosendall and talked to Kilpatrick about Synagro. At Kilpatrick's instructions, Miller dealt directly with Rosendall who was a fund-raiser for the Kilpatrick campaign.

Bernard became involved with Synagro project. Kilpatrick asked Miller to facilitate meeting between Bernard and Rosendall.  Miller says the purpose was to assist Rosendall with potential community aspect of this project. The project was going to require help with political advocacy, community support.

The idea was that Rosendall would hire Bernard to assist him with his issues. Kwame, Bernard and Miller had conversations about getting involved with Synagro. Miller says first conversation about getting Bernard involved was just between him and Kilpatrick.

Bernard told Miller that he got Synagro as a client. Raeford Jackson was also working with Synagro, with particular focus on city council.

At one point, Bernard expressed that he was upset that Synagro had stopped payment. Bernard talked about slowing the process down so that Rosendall took care of it- to slowdown the bureacratic process in order to get in the way of Synagro get his huge DWSD deal. That way Rosendall would have to catch up on his payments to Bernard.

Text on June 8th 2004 between Ayanna Kilpatrick and Mike Tardiff, a mayoral appointee who later became a consultant.

Ayanna: You are supposed to meet with Joe smiler & Leon Falk at 5:30 regarding waste hauling contract. They received msg last week no follow up since.

Smiler owned a trucking company and was a Kilpatrick supporter. Falk was a partner of Smiler's. this was about hauling waste to be disposed of. Ayanna Kilpatrick, Kwame's sister, had her own consulting business "AKTION".

Tardiff: sorry those guys. I am calling Joe now... we have to talk about this... bobby mnay want to do same thing...

Ayanna:  Here we go with that bullshit again. ill talk to mayor and derrick about this

Tardiff: Talked with Joe...jr isnt coming today...we will set them bullshit. if he does not come to detroit they can't meet... when he does they can...

Ayanna: Ok I know you will work it out.

Tardiff: Sorry... I will meet with them any time...It is jr's schedule...

"JR" is  Jim Rosendall.

More text on June 8 2004 this time between Ayanna and Miller.

Ayanna: Here we go with this bobby bull again! Tardiff cancelled meeting with my guys agagin,. just stated that bobby wants to do the same thing (waste hauling).... Great if its room for him, terrible if he's holding us up! can we make $ too?

Miller: Damn

Miller: I think the guy went to Chicago and don't worry about it. I wanted to avoid it altogether.

"The guy" Miller says is Kilpatrick. Yet another Kwame nickname.

12:30PM Miller says that Ayanna had clients who were interested in projects and that frequently she wanted her clients to participate in projects that Ferguson also wanted. Ayanna felt if Ferguson was interested, her clients didn't stand a chance.

Miller told Kilpatrick about Ayanna feeling her clients were losing business to Ferguson.