Odell Jones, a general construction manager, owned a Detroit-based business that was a minority enterprise. Came to Miller to complain that he had issues with Ferguson on Book Cadillac and school project. Felt "his work was drying up" and was worried that it was because of his bad relationship with Ferguson.

Miller said he told the mayor and his response was "ok."

Miller left city government in the fall of 2007. Told Mercado that he was leaving the city. Says they had a pretty frank conversation and Mercado seemed to be at his wits end with the job.

"He was getting tired with the job. He was really not in a comfortable place in his job anymore," says Miller.

Mercado said he was tired of dealing with the Ferguson matter. Told Miller that the battling with Ferguson was probably the worst part of his job. Miller told Mercado to be careful and to do what he felt was right. Miller says he told him to be careful because he didn't want to get in trouble with law enforcement.

Miller does an impersonation of Mercado just "doing his usual Victor."

In August 2007, Miller told Kilpatrick it was time for him to go and that he would continue to be a supporter.

Kwame resting his head on the palm of his hand as he listens attentively to his former BFF.

Miller says Kwame was supportive of his decision to leave.

Miller says that after he left the city, after the last appointee meeting at Cobo Hall, Miller and mayor gave a speech and had a breakfast together near Campus Marshes. Miller was unofficially done with his government job. Miller talked about rumors at this meeting, about his loyalty whether he was working with the feds. Miller said he put it to rest and Kilpatrick said "I know." How ironic.

At that point, Miller had not been approached by law enforcement. Has never worn, or been asked to wear, a wire.

Looking at a check from Cityvest Capital Partners dated June 25th 2008 for $10,000 to the Kilpatrick Civic Fund. This is from Miller's company that he formed after he left the city. Miller said he gave this donation at a fund-raiser as a show of support. It was during perjury trial.

Miller says after he left the city, he ceased to socialize as much with the mayor.

Chutkow says he has an entire different subject that is going to take more than 15 minutes but he is happy to continue.

12:45PM Judge Edmunds says this is a good place to stop for the day. So Derrick Miller has yet to finish his direct testimony.

There is no court session scheduled for tomorrow so we will reconvene Thursday, January 10th at 9AM.

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