8:29AM Video screens turn on extra early today. Courtroom empty.

Bernard Kilpatrick enters courtroom by the side door with defense lawyers John Shea and Susan Van Dusen. They all take a seat at the defendants' table.

9:35AM Bobby Ferguson strolls into the courtroom. He is a little more conservatively dressed than yesterday- sporting a beige jacket, dark vest and tie.

U.S. Attorney Eric Doeh sits alone at the prosecution table.

Courtroom has filled up. Both Kwame Kilpatrick and Victor Mercado have taken their seats at the table.

Emma Bell, former fundraiser for Kwame Kilpatrick, was the only witness to testify yesterday. It was a rough day for Bell who had said it would be hard for her to testify against an man she thought of as a son. She got teary during testimony and left the courthouse in floods of tears.

No word yet on who might be testifying today.

9:01AM Judge enters the courtroom and asks about any issues before jury comes in. No issues.

Judge mentions that John Minock, lawyer for Victor Mercado, is excused for the day for another case.

9:04AM Angela Burris approaches the stand.

Eric Doeh for the government questions.

Doeh asks if you remember Miss Bell? Yes say Burris. I work with her.

Worked with her at county. She was Bell's legislative aide. Burris still helps Bell out sometimes. Helps her with computer and drives her around.

Time frame of 2003-2008, knew Bell then and that she worked as fund-raiser. They worked together at fund-raisers for Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Burris would work on the door collecting tickets and checks.

Would take checks to First Independence Bank on Monroe. sometimes to Bell to bank. Then sometimes the would go to city county building. Sometimes Bell told her where they were going. To the mayor's office. Would wait outside for Bell.

Burris drove Bell there more than 10 times but not more than 20.

Burris never made any calls to ask for contribution.

Doeh asks if she worked for Kilpatrick civic Fund? Yes.

How do you know? I assisted her.

Burris would take mailings to post office. Personal checks would come into office.

No further questions.

9:12AM Jim Thomas cross-examines.

You are very close friend of Bell? Yes.

See her on a daily basis? Yes.

Did you talk to her yesterday after testimony? Yes.