Did you see her yesterday? Had dinner with her for about an hour and a half.

You would get checks? Yes.

For $2,500, $5,000 and $10,000? Yes.

Do you remember parties for Civic Fund? Yes.

You worked those parties? Yes.

Lots of money raised? Don't know.

Did you know that Bell got a percentage? didn't know. Never asked.

When you worked parties got checks? Yes.

Would you get other checks? Through mail.

What would you do with mail checks? Make a copy of the checks and then give them to Bell.

Who did she give checks to? Don't know.

Did you ever meet Christine Beatty about Civic Fund? No.

Burris sometimes she would drop off Bell to go meet with the Mayor.

Did you know Beatty? Yes.

When you saw her at events do you think she was running civic Fund? No because I was at the door collecting checks.

Burris says sometimes Bell would come out to greet people. Copied the checks the next day. sometimes Burris deposited checks, sometimes Bell. and sometimes the treasurer, Sarah Hacker.

Christine Beatty? No.

How many times did Bell tell you she was meeting with mayor? Several.

How many times did she say she was meeting mayor about Civic Fund? didn't say why she was meeting him.

Did you work inauguration? Yes.

You don't know who is responsible? I was working event.

Burris remembers Cathy Govan and Emma Bell.

Did you see Betty, Derrick Miller there? Yes.

Weren't they and others assuming responsibility? Not from where I was.

Thomas says you drove Bell to city county building. When she went there, she had other business there? Sometimes yes.