so they were still subject to the rules? Yes.

So you couldn't take money from Civic Fund and give it to a campaign? Yes.

Beeckman steps down.

11:27AM Government calls Daniel Gotoff to the stand.

Works at Lake Research Partners in D.C. and NYC. He is a partner there . Conducts public opinion research. Manages client base of campaigns. Hired by campaign to conduct survey of adults on range of issues. could be phone survey work, focus group research.

Political campaigns as client? Yes.

Were you working there in 2001? Yes.

Was it called something different then? Yes it was called Lake Snell Perry at the time. Witness was an associate analyst.

Did you do any work in 2001 for Kilpatrick for Mayor? Yes in April or May. It was before primaries to assess viability of campaign for mayor.

Who hired you? I believe it was Bob Berg. He was a Detroit-based consultant.

Please look at KCF 3 what is it? Invoice for survey that we conducted for Kilpatrick for Mayor exploratory committee. checks paid for that work.

How were the checks paid for? Kilpatrick Civic Fund to Lake Snell Perry.

After that what is it? The results of our research.

Who is it prepared for? Kwame Kilpatrick.

What did you first do? A series of conference calls for objectives of research, types of arguments that supporters and opponents would be making.

Then tasked to draft script for telephone survey that would walk respondents through this process.

What kind of base targeted? 500 likely democratic voters in the city. Drew from file of district voters.

Looking for people who might be more likely to vote in this current primary? Yes.

How big voter list collected? We get anywhere from 20 to 40 names for each interview. For 500 sample, we might have 20,000 to 40,000 names. It's a 20 minute survey.

"It's a challenge" says witness.

How many people in phone bank? Approximately 60 people over 4 to 5 days. On week days between 5 and 9pm. On weekends during the day.

What are people asked? confirm voting in city of Detroit. that they are voting in upcoming elections. Asked about concerns for the city. Questions about number of political actors in the city. Who they would vote for.

You ask general questions about all candidates for mayor? Yes.

What is point of progressive information? Trying to understand how attitudes might shift.

This progressive questioning is that centered on particular candidate? Centered on specific candidate. In this case, Mr. Kilpatrick. Will follow up with description of all the candidates. Then write series of statements on Kilpatricks. Have people answer to see how effective they are. Finally come back to vote question.