Where do you get positive and negative questions? From the campaign.

Look at KCF 3A- witness says this is questionnaire for script of survey they conduct with percentages filled in post interviews conducted.

Chutkow says go to page 20 of exhibit- witness' reads "now I'm going to read several statements about Kwame Kilpatrick"

Example of positive statement" Kilpatrick will make cracking down on crime a top priority." 17% of respondents said very convincing, 45% somewhat convincing: 62% positively think as a reason to vote for him.

Witness says make recommendations on what is most persuasive to say to voters.

Negative statement example: "Kilpatrick is a political insider more interested in the perks and privileges of holding office than actually getting the job done. He has never done anything in his life but run for office and play football."- 18% says raise serious doubts, 30% some doubts: 48% serious doubts.

Was info collected in this survey done for a particular candidate? This was done specifically for Kilpatrick campaign.

Not given to opponents? No.

What did you do after? Prepared a report on results of analysis.

KCF 5-Kwame Kilpatrick for Mayor of Detroit -Overview of summary findings. Documents says prepared for Kwame Kilpatrick. Written by Celinda Lake, David Cantor, Daniel Gotoff and Thaddeus Windt. Dated May 2001.

They found that there was a really opening for Kilpatrick as Mayor. As voters learned more about Kilpatrick, they were more likely to support him.

Also found that age was not a barrier to people supporting him which was concern at the time.

The report was 32 pages long.

KCF 3 on overhead- invoice for 60% of cost of survey for $21,930. Billed to Kilpatrick for Mayor to Berg. Dated April 27 2001. This was standard to cover cost.

Looking at check itself. With Kilpatrick Civic fund check on April 28th 2001. signed by Christine Beatty and Kwame Kilpatrick. check for $13,158.

Another invoice on June 15th 2001- $8,872 total amount.

2nd check from Kilpatrick Civic fund for 8,872 on July 30 2001. Signed by Christine Beatty and Kwame Kilpatrick.

Was that all work? also conducted 2 focus groups for campaign.

As a result of what you found do you know if they posted papers to enter race? Yes.

They conducted 2 focus groups amongst small group of voters screened to be undecided. Somewhere between 8 to 12 people. They are paid.

There is a moderator who leads discussion. They are able to talk through ambivalence of their issues. Forum to talk opinions with peers about info provided. Moderators all working for the firm.

They would go to Detroit to do this. Found the voters from same list as phone survey. Called them up and screened them to make sure they are registered, likely to vote but undecided.

There is clear focus on candidate hired by. Clear focus on Kwame Kilpatrick.

In focus groups, tested reactions to tv ads.

Would campaign give you advertising? Yes.