On Tuesdays I dropped her off to Zoning Board meetings.

Thomas says she didn't drive? Yes.

You're close? Yes.

You would drive her almost anywhere? Yes.

Did you take her to the casino? Yes.

Did you know she had a gambling habit? Didn't think of it as a habit.

Burris says she would take her twice a week.

Did you know she went more than that? No. I wasn't with her every day.

I asked if she admitted to you she went other days? Yes sometimes she did.

Were you seeing every day between 2003 and 2008? Yes.

I only know about times I took her to casino.

Thomas says did you ever see her loads of cash? No.

Did you know about cashier's checks? No.

Burris says she did not talk about her money.

Did you consider her a generous employer? Yes.

Only time Burris saw her with large amounts of cash was after fund-raiser.

Burris only deposited checks.

Thomas says you said if it was cash, she would deposited.

Burris says we all collected money and gave it to her. Bell took it to bank.

Did you go in with her and watch her deposit it? No.

You knew people at First Independence? Yes.

You knew she wasn't deposited into her checking account? Yes.

Did you ever deposit it into an account? Yes.

Did she pay you out of checking account? No she paid me in cashier's checks.

There were meetings in Greektown- did you know about them? Wasn't at those meetings.