Did you ever see Emma Bell give Kwame large amounts of cash? No.

Did you ever see Kwame attend Greektown meetings? No.

Went you took Bell to casino did you go in with her? Yes.

Do you see her gamble? No.

Were there times she had spent several hours gambling? Yes.

More than 8 hours? Not sure.

Were you aware she had drinking problem? No.

Were you aware she was drinking every day? No.

Did she ever have lapses in memory? Not with me.

How many fund-raisers did you work? Many but can't give you a number.

You must have spent a lot of time in the car? It was no big deal for me.

Burris says I thought Bell knew how to do her job. she was very good at her job.

Dinner last night for a few hours? About 2.

You telling me you didn't talk about case? Yes.

Did you meet with government? Today.

Did they talk to you about Bell's testimony? Yes.

Would you be surprised to know that she said she never talked to you about mayor.

9:31AM Gerald Evelyn cross-examines.

Burris worked with Bell since 1999.

Only source of income working with Bell? Yes.

How long has that been? Until the Kilpatrick times. Don't work for her.

Would you gamble too? Yes.

Kwame writing furious notes. Thomas comes back.

9:33AM Thomas says she never told you she was going to see mayor. Yes.

Did she ever complain about paying kickback to the mayor? No.