You were here when she received first check in August 4th 2003 that was first check she split? Yes.

Exhibit EB 1 admitted- $100,00 check to Emma Bell from Kilpatrick fro Mayor. It was a July 30th event. Signed by Gregory Terrell, CPA for campaign, and Christine Beatty.

Victor Mercado sees himself reflected in overhead and pulls back from screen.

Exhibit EB 2- text message from Dedan Milton to Kwame on august 6th 2003.

Exhibit EB 3- text message from Samara Bradley to Kwame.

Message from DeDan says "Emma wanted to stop in later for @ 5-10 minutes max. What should I tell her?"

Message from Samara Bradley: "Emma Bell is her."

Reply to Samara: Tell her to come to Chris ofc." August 6th 2003.

Beeckman says Kiplatrick Fund was a non-profit tax exempt organization. An org which is not taxed by federal government. Set up with IRS. Gets money from soliciting donations.

Chutkow hands witness documents. Submission of documents for Kilpatrick Civic Fund.

KCF2- application for recognition of exemption under 501A. Signed Kwame Kilpatrick on June 1st 1999.

Incorporation of Kilpatrick Civic Fund. Purposes: to promote neighborhood activities and betterment of youth of Detroit, to provide info to the citizens of Detroit and to promote importance of voting, promote positive image of Detroit, to receive and administer assets for religious and scientific purposes.

The corporation shall not participate or intervene in or any political campaign for any political candidate.

Overhead shows Incumbency Certificate. Officers listed: Kwame Kilpatrick, Derrick Miller, Vice chairman, Erik Rayford, 2nd Vice-Chairman, Christine Beatty, Tresurer, Ayanna Kilpatrick, Secretary. All signed the document.

Erik Rayford is 2nd Vice-Chairman and an officer on the Kilpatrick Civic Fund.

A DVD copy of a debate on October 28th 2001. Spotlight mayoral debate with Kwame Kilpatrick and Gil Hill. subpoenaed from Channel 7.

Who else participated? Chuck Stokes was moderated, and panelists were Val Clark and Guy Gordon. All with Channel 7.

They play the video of the debate. Kwame mesmerized by own image.

Audio problems. No one can hear video. "Definitely low-tech." says Judge Nancy Edmunds.

Chutkow trying to figure things out. Listening to debate video.

A week before elections. a baby faced Kwame Kilpatrick looks serious and young. Stokes outlining rules.

Val Clark starts. You are both God-fearing men. Mr. Kilpatrick have you done, said or done anything illegal that would prevent you from taking office? No. Haven't done anything wromg. "We have conducted ourselves in an honorable way. think that Detroiters are realizing we can't waste 4, 8 or 12 more years in the city.

Guy Gordon asks about keeping contributors private? Kilpatrick Civic Fund set up by young people. We sent info to Attorney General and state who have given a clean bill of health. We haven't used one penny of this fund. We cannot disclose each and every person who has given to the fund.

Video ends.

Chtkow asks Beeckman this isn't entire debate? No it lasts about an hour.