Many more questions of Gil hill and Kilpatrick? Yes.

No further questions.

10:11AM John Shea, Bernard Kilpatrick's lawyer, cross-examines. 

You got list of Skytel pins and messages? Yes.

City employees? We asked for city employees and this is what we got. These individuals had city leased pagers.

People on the list not employees like Bernard and the first lady? Correct.

The pin for Bernard was only associated with city until March 28th 2003? Yes.

10:14AM Thomas cross-examines.

Thomas says this was a document that contains materials not only that you testified but documents for 501c4? Yes.

You determined there a CPA for Civic Fund? Yes.

Greg Terrell? Yes.

Do you know Erik Rayford? Don't know him as a person.

Do you know he was a bank examiner? Yes.

Thomas asks for page 4 of document on overhead.

Document signed by Beatty signed in 1998. At that time, Kwame Kilpatrick was in House of Representatives and hadn't declared intentions for runnng as mayor.

Aware that 501c4 approved? Yes.

This document signed in June 1999 by Kwame Kilpatrick? Yes. 

Another application for exemption on March 25th 1998? Yes.

Signed by Beatty on the bottom and lists Kwame as contact person? Yes.

Do you know subtle distinctions between 501c4 and 501c3? No.

Thomas basically trying to establish that Beeckman is not an expert in this.

Thomas says one of the purposes cited in 1998 is to promote neighborhood activities that enhance the community. Would that include speeches? Depends what the speech is about.

It should be issue specific to neighborhoods? Yes.

As it relates to voting can't say vote for me but can say go vote! Yes.

Thomas asks for KCF 2 page 10. Looks as if as early as 1998, says Thomas, there had been no materials published. Question asks about published materials- box checked no. no such materials have been published to date but will publish voter materials at a later date.