Thomas asks about KCF 2 page 15. Asks Beeckman are you aware 501c4 approved? Yes.

Thomas says we saw speech in 2001? Yes.

Did these articles of incorporation guide from 1998 to 2001? Yes.

Aware of any changes to articles of incorporation? No.

Were you aware of Kwame being changed between 2003 and 2008? Yes at some point he was no longer Chairman of th Kilpatrick Civic Fund.

As relates to check signing, management related to lawyers, CPA and Beatty? Yes.

In July 2001, were you aware there were re-stated articles of incorporation? Would not surprise me.

Did you see it? No.

KCF 2 page 15, on overhead.  Thomas reads the corporation shall not participate or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of or against any candidate for political office.

Thomas says it doesn't prohibit discussion of people running for office? Don't understand the question.

Thomas says you can't use vote and someone's name in same sentence. Correct.

Thomas approaches.

Thomas admits D KCF 1, 2 and 3: amended articles of incorporation.

Thomas asks have you seen these before? Can't remember that I have says Beeckman.

D KCF1- from April 12 2001, Kwame Kilpatrick, Christine Beatty and Ayanna Kilpatrick all listed on document.

D KCF 2- dated July 19th 2002- reflects change in administration of non-profit. Kwame no longer there. Ayanna Kilpatrick is President.

D KCF 3- dated September 2002- documents filed with state of Michigan. 

Judge calls for a 20 minute break. Next up they will talk about Emma Bell's $100,000 check when Thomas continues cross examination.

10:53AM Court back in session.

FBI agent Beeckman gets ready to take the stand again.

Jury takes their seats.

Thomas asks permission to publish for jury D KCF 1,2 and 3. The article of incorporation amendments.

D KCF 2- for July 19th 2002- signed by William Phillips.

D KCK 3- Thomas inaudible. Document has William Phillips on it.

Now looking at EB 3.1- the Samara Bradley, administrative aide, text message where it indicates that "Emma Bell is here.