Thomas says does it say she should meet me privately? No.

Thomas says it says come to Chris Office? Witness says it says got to Chris's office.

Christine Beatty's office is not right next to mayor's office? No.

You have to go by secretaries to go to mayor's office? Yes.

Christine Beatty's office is at south end of entire office? Beeckman says Mayor's office is east of Beatty's.

Thomas ask if Beeckman was ever in the offices when Kwame was mayor? Witness says he doesn't think so.

Thomas says there was a $100,000 check to Emma Bell that you testified about.

Thomas jokes with jurors about overhead issues- "you'd think we had this planned."

Judge interjects and asks juror if they can't see. juror says they are ok.

August 6th 2003, date of text messages exchanges.

The date of the negotiation on Emma Bell's check was August 6th 2003. There isn't a time for it.

Thomas says text message conversation between Bell and Kwame later in the day? Yes.

After the check had been negotiated? Yes.

Did you got to First Independence Bank to get materials? Yes.

Where did you get the $100,000 check from? We got it from you. The bank didn't have all the records. there were some missing items they said.

There was a cashier's check that Emma Bell on august 6th 2003?

You aware that we were able to get it when you were not? Yes.

Did you check it against the other bank records for the other $58,000? No.

And the bank wouldn't give Bell $58,000? Not without doing a CTR.

Thomas says bank required to do CTRs on anything over $10,000 over a year? Anything in cash over $10,000 in a transaction.

If the bank was doing its job, there wouldn't have been any cash out of the $58,000 taken out? Well there could have been $10,000 says Beeckman.

So based on all this info, this check doesn't appear to have been negotiated on August 6th 2003? Yes.

Thomas says we don't have any evidence of cash coming to Emma Bell on August 6th? "Not in terms of the bank records, no."

Thomas left. Judge asks for any more crosses. Thomas comes back. "You just going to keep going then?" Courtroom laughs.

Going back almost 10 years on these bank records? Yes.