Looking at Ferguson Enterprises offices on Wyoming. Miller visited the offices "plenty" of times. Miller said he never saw anything in there that suggested vocational training of your people or any classroom structures. 

Ferguson whispering to his lawyer Evelyn as he takes notes. 

Miller became involved in mayoral campaign for Kilpatrick in 2001 with Conrad Mallett, former chief justice of the Supreme Court and Kilpatrick political ally, Bernard Kilpatrick, Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, Art Blackwell, Ayanna Kilpatrick, Christine Beatty, Bob Berg amongst others. Basically along with the main Kilpatrick leadership team. 

Miller also involved in re-election campaign in 2005. Campaign headquarters at that time was at East Grand Blvd in the Lakeshore Engineering building. 

Miller said he never observed campaign cheques coming back to the campaign headquarters. 

9:35AM Looking at Overview of Survey Findings for Kwame Kilpatrick for Mayor of Detroit from Lake, Snell,Perry & Associates, a polling company. Miller said they were trying to identify Kilpatrick's strengths and weaknesses for becoming mayor. 

Miller says that Lake, Snell & Perry did research and polling in May 2001. Made calls to constituents. Miller said purpose of gathering information was to determine the strength of Kilpatrick's position at becoming mayor. Not meant to be shared with community as a whole but within the mayoral leadership team. 

Based on the findings, there was a decision made to run for mayor and what the platform would be. 

Earlier in trial, we heard that the services of this polling company were paid with funds from the Kilpatrick Civic Fund. 

Looking at invoice from polling company to Bob Berg. 

Cheque for $13,158 on April 28th 2001 to Lake, Snell, Perry. Memo says polling. Cheque is from the Kilpatrick Civic Fund. signed by Christine Beatty and Kwame Kilpatrick. 

Looking at polling questions script from May 2001. 

Another invoice from Lake, Snell, Perry & Associates billed to Kilpatrick for Mayor on July 17th 2001 for $18,750.

Attached is a cheque from KCF on July 30 2001 for $14,000. 

Looking at Focus Group Guide from August 2nd 2001. In July/August 2001, the Kilpatrick campaign was preparing for the primaries. Kilpatrick won the primary polls. 

Miller says they did not share the results of focus groups with opponents. Says it was meant for internal use, meant to be the platform for Kilpatrick's campaign. 

Chutkow asking Miller how he knows Jon Rutherford. Says he knows him from campaign and from Kwame and Bernard Kilpatrick. Looking at cheque from DPR Management, Rutherford's company. 

Defense asks for sidebar. Nothing major to this point, prosecution just linking the dots from earlier trial testimony. 

Back to cheque from DPR from September 19th 2000. Made out to the 21st Century Fund, a fund for candidates running for office in the state of Michigan. It was a PAC, Political Action Committee, to get to candidates from either party. Cheque was for $50,000. 

9:50AM Miller said he traveled with Kilpatrick to drum up support for votes. Miller reemphasizes 21st Century Fund for candidates running for office. Miller says Kilpatrick made the decisions on how the fund was distributed. 

Kilpatrick disagreeing with this, shaking his head madly. 

Juror needs to go to the restroom so we're taking a 5 minute break.

9:56AM Miller says that Rutherfoed was a big political contributor. Looking at another cheque from DPR Management signed by Judy Bugarski, Rutherford's assistant. For $34,000 to Next Generation Detroit, a PAC affiliated with Kilpatrick. From June 6th 2001. Miller says $34,000 was legal limit to donation amount to a PAC. 

Looking at cheque for $20,000 from Rutherford Associates on April 25th 2001 to the Kilpatrick Civic Fund. The address on cheque is from homeless shelter that Rutherford ran. Miller says he can't really characterize Rutherford's business other than it was a homeless shelter. 

Another cheque (forgive the spelling I'm a Canadian!) from DPR Management for $30,000 on July 2nd 2001 to the Kilpatrick Civic Fund.