"If we're going to bring up Emma Bell, let's take a break," says Judge Edmunds. 

10:29AM 20 minute break.

10:52AM Court back in session. A very somber Kwame is talking quietly to his lawyer Jim Thomas. Bobby Ferguson, on the other hand, is laughing with his handler guy. 

Kwame never made it to the first floor snack shop today, guess he didn't much feel like socializing this morning. 

Chutkow continues his questioning of Miller. 

Looking at check #1489 from the KCF to the Center for Yoga, for October through December. Looking at another check, #1490 to the Center for Yoga from December 26th 2002 for $1500. For December through February. 

Miller saying that Emma Bell was a campaign fund-raiser for Kilpatrick. Says she got a commission, about 10%, for her fund-raising efforts. Got that information from Christine Beatty. 

Looking at pictures of the mayoral offices. Discussing the mayor's office and the "barber room". Apparently, there is a bathroom and shower in there. 

Another picture of interior of the "barber room". And now looking at a picture of the actual "barber chair". Miller says the "barber room" was for less formal discussions. Witness never used it on his own. Saw Emma Bell go in there when door was open and door was shut. Miller says she would meet the mayor in there. 

Going back to Jon Rutherford, in the period after Kilpatrick became mayor. Miller confirms that Rutherford and Bernard Kilpatrick had a business relationship. Rutherford was a client of Bernard's. 

Text message from Bernard Kilpatrick to Derrick Miller on April 23rd 2002 

Bernard: I have a 10:00 breakfast with my client, Jon Rutherford who says you won't call him back... Which is cool 'cause he should go thru me. I would appreciate a call about 10:30... Thanx. 

Miller confirms the message was from Bernard. Miller understood that the had a relationship where Bernard consulted for Rutherford. Rutherford would make meetings with Miller through Bernard. At some point that changed, Miller became more familiar with Rutherford so he would just call him directly. 

Bernard took on role with Wayne County Mental Health Board. 

Miller says he met with Rutherford when Kilpatrick took office- "as needed" basis. Once a month, once every couple of months. While Kilpatrick was in office, Miller met Rutherford about 35 times. About 10 times where Kilpatrick was also present at the meetings. 

Text exchange on January 19th 2004 

Miller: Okay I am all the way there. No matter what, port authority is the way to go. You are on the right track. Rod Gillum has to come off first. 

Kwame: You like that s*i* Steelman had? 

(Steelman was the architect hired by Rutherford for renderings of waterfront casino.) 

Miller: Not exactly but Port Authority can do whatever you need done. 

(Detroit Wayne County Port Authority is agency designed to do port activities. They could sell bonds to finance anything along the riverfront. Miller says there were lots of discussions in 2004 on how to finance projects and find bonding.) 

Mayor: Right let's talk about a plan. 

Miller says there was talk about either getting licensing for a fourth casino or buying out the Greektown casino which was struggling. Had these discussions with Kilpatrick and Rutherford. Miller says getting Greektown's license was prohibitive, just didn't make financial sense. 

Miller says he never reached out with Greektown representatives on Rutherford's behalf but did reach out to them to feel them out about the license sale.

11:15AM Text between on May 14th 2002 between Bernard and Kwame.