Bernard: Call Khari Moshesh (Tony Ward)...

Kwame: I'll call in 30 mins...

Bernard: Good! are you still trying to go to Vegas this weekend. Steelman and Jon Rutherford would like to talk to you. I could hook you up at Green Valley Resort...

Miller says that Kilpatrick liked the Rutherford casino project as long as it included a convention center.

Miller says Kilpatrick told him he did go to Las Vegas to the Green Valley Resort.

More text on December 30 2004

Bernard: Just talked to Jon Rutherford. Venetian wants to come in on 17th to discuss riverfront piece complete with convention facility. I will work with Iris on Monday. Extra tax on-slots sounds like the financing mechanism to pay off the bonds.

Kwame: Cool.

All these texts were introduced earlier in the trial with regards to Rutherford's desire to set up a riverfront casino. The Venetian is run by Adelson, who runs the gaming empire.

More text on January 12th 2005 from Lisa Nocerina, Miller administrative assistant, to miller

Nocerini: Boss guy from venetian wants to do quick dinner Monday night. Is that cool?

Miller: Yes.

Text from February 1st 2005 between Miller and Kwame.

Miller: Denise is setting up Venetiam tomorrow. Do you still need the 18th?

Kwame: Yes.

Denise was assistant at one point to both Kilpatrick and Kwame. Rutherford was present at these meetings.

Miller says Rutherford casino plans never came to fruition because of the lack of license procurement.

Now on to Karl Kado. Miller says he was a Cobo Hall contractor in Detroit. Had electrical and cleaning contracts. Cobo director, Lou Pavledes, then Blanton and then Tom Tuskie, would report to Miller. As Chief Administrative Officer, his responsibility was to oversee Cobo Hall.

Miller says he first met Kado during the 2001 mayoral campaign. Kado was a supporter of the campaign. Miller says he picked up $10,000 in cash from Kado in 2001. Miller says he was told by Kilpatrick to pick up the money for the campaign. Miller says he was told by Kilpatrick it was going to be $10,000. Miller says his understanding was that they couldn't take cash for the campaign, had to be a check or money order. Did not get a receipt from Kado.

Miller believes he met Kado at Cobo. then he took cash back to the campaign, either gave it to Kwame or Beatty. Saw the denominations of the cash were in hundreds.

Says Kado gave him more cash. Gave Miller personally cash. Says that Kado was constantly offering cash and he accepted a couple of times. Got it at Cobo, gave him $10,000 again in hundreds. At the time, Miller was in a supervisory role at Cobo. Miller says he knew it wasn't right but took it anyways. It occurred twice, second time also for $20,000.

Miller says he did not share that cash with anyone else.

Took cash from Kado for other people too, including Kilpatrick. Picked it up from Kado when he was told by Kilpatrick.

Miller says he was told to go pick up the package at Cobo from Kado. Went to Kado's office and he would hand Miller the money. Miller says he didn't count it "but it was alot of money. Five to 10 thousand." It was in cash, in denominations of hundreds. Can't remember if it was in an envelope or bag. Says he did this for the mayor from Kado once or twice. Would give it to Kilpatrick in the office or the barber room. Miller says he didn't take any of that cash for himself.

Miller says he was wrong to take cash from a contractor whose work he supervised. Miller agrees that as mayor of the city Kilpatrick also had a supervisory role over Cobo. Implication being that Kilpatrick also wrong to take cash from Kado.