Miller says he observed Ferguson going into barber room with the mayor. On occasion, the door would be closed. 

Looking at an identification badge with Ferguson's picture for the mayor's office. Mayor's office designation would be for people who worked on the 11th floor of the city county building. 

Miller says the 11th floor has a couple of sides: one side is the mayor's office and the other side was the budget. 

Miller says Dedan Milton was executive assistant at one point as was Marc Andre Cunningham. Miller says Sean Werdlow would have had a different ID badge for the Finance Department. Miller recalls seeing Ferguson's ID badge. Miller says the badges "gave access to the city. The city county building." Could use the employee entrance instead of the public one and use the back elevator. 

Talking about city county building parking. Members of the cabinet had designated, appointed parking spots. Miller had an assigned spot as did other cabinet officials. Miller says Ferguson would be allowed to park there sometimes though he didn't have a permanent spot. 

Miller says cabinet meetings would take place in the mayor's office or the conference room directly across from his office. Cabinet meetings took place once a week. Miller says Ferguson never came to the meetings though he would interrup the meetings to see the mayor. The mayor would step out of the cabinet meeting to talk to Ferguson. 

Miller says it was widely understood that they were supposed to help Bobby get work. "We" says Miller were the appointees who knew that Ferguson was Kilpatrick's friend. Miller says he was told by Kilpatrick to help out Ferguson. In his presence, he heard Kilpatrick tell Christine Beatty the same thing. Miller says he helped Ferguson as related to city business. Would let the mayor know "ee were looking out for Bobby at every possible opportunity." 

Miller says he felt that he had certain level of influence over the city of Detroit. Others who he felt within the mayor's office who had influence: Beatty, Ruth Carter, the head of the city Law Department. There were others who had varying degrees of influence as well. Outside of city government, Bernard and Ayanna Kilpatrick, Ferguson, Art Blackwell and Conrad Mallett all had influence over the city as well according to Miller. 

Miller says he believes he had Kilpatrick's ear as to what related to city business over Bobby. But that changed as tension developed between Miller and Kilpatrick. As the administration went on, Miller believes that Ferguson strated wielding more influence than him. Starting around 2004. Miller says he and Kilpatrick developed stylistic differences in approaching city business. 

"I would best characterize it as the working relationship came under strain from various initiatives and outside influences," says Miller. 

Miller says they would meet at Bernard's condo usually at night. The mayor, Ferguson, miller. occasionally Blackwell would be at the meetings called by Bernard. the purpose would be to discuss city business and politics. Discussed business opportunities for some of Bernard's clients and Ferguson would talk about things he might be interested in such as water department contracts or demolition. 

Miller says he unofficially had responsibilities with the water department. Early on, he was the unofficial liaison between Victor Mercado and the mayor. Would meet with Mercado and talk about water contracts that Bernard's clients or Ferguson might be interested in.

12:30PM Just looked at text exchange introduced earlier that Bernard wrote about meeting regularly with mayor and Ferguson. Miller says they never met as regularly as indicated in the text exchange. 

Missed a text that referred to the Shrine of the Black Madonna. 

Looking at another exchange from July 18th 2002 

Mayor: You on your way to Pop's house?

 Miller: Yes:  

Another text from november 9th 2003. 

Bernard: Have a safe trip back big fella! Holla at you Tuesday... me you bobby and zeke need one of our sitdowns. 

Mayor: Okay pops. Holla later.  

On November 12th 2002 between Bernard and Mayor. 

Bernard: Me zeke bobby need to meet with you asap plus henry hagood is getting too slick for his own good... 

Zeke is Miller's nickname.

Text from December 1st 2003. 

Mayor: Me, Bobby and Zekewill be over at 9:30AM