Bernard: Cool! 

Text from February 2nd 

Mayor: Me and Zeke need to holla at you 

Bobby: What did I do now? 

Mayor: Nothing Dog! Time for a business meeting 

Mayor: Let's meet tonight at 9:30PM 

Bobby: Where? 

Mayor: We'll let you know. 

Bobby: Okay boss.

Mayor: Zeke has basketball game at Joseph Walker at 9. We'll come to your place later....  

May 19th 2004 

Bernard: Would love to have a sit down tonight before Zeke is out of here. 

Mayor: Zeke is gone.  

Text from August 3rd 2004 

Bernard: cool! we need to have one of our meeting you me zeke and bobby. 

Mayor: Cool. 

Miller says as of August 2004 he was still having his meetings with Bernard, Kwame and Ferguson. 

August 4 2004 more text. 

Bernard: We (me) need that meeting I was talking about. My crib late. 

Mayor: Cool.  

Same date as above. 

Mayor: Me and Zeke will be there at 9pm. 

Bernard: Cool! Will have agendas together. Mayor: Cool. 

Miller says they would have actual agendas at the meetings for items to be discussed- business opportunities, political strategies and community interests.