Again on August 4th 2004 

Mayor: Can you stop by Pops house at 9:00 

Miller: Yes 

Mayor: Cool see you then.  

Later on August 4th 2004 

Mayor: If are out. Come by my house. 

Ferguson: Where you at now, at home didn't have my two way. 

Miller says Ferguson had a Skytel pager. Not aware of other contractors who had a pager. 

Miller says Kilpatrick expressed concerns about wire taps. Says Kilpatrick had the office swept a couple of times- was mindful of wires and bugs. Miller says he believes the entire 11th floor was swept with particular emphasis on mayor's office and the barber room. 

Miller says the concern about listening devices had to do with law enforcement. 

Miller says his office during mayor's first term was 2 doors down from Kilpatrick. Beatty was down on the far end of the hall. Carolyn Mesa was Chief Operating Officer and she was closest to the mayor's office. 

Looking at KCF check to Spy Ops dated October 15th 2007 for $1397.08. Signed by Beatty and Miller. Miller says he pre-signed check and wouldn't have known what it was for. 

Left the city of Detroit in late September or early October 2007. Miller maintained signatory authority for awhile 

12:50PM Miller says occasionally when he was talking to the mayor, they would turn the music up loudly in either Manoogian or the mayor's office. The mayor would say to turn the music up loudly and he would turn it up himself. Topic of conversation might have been money or contracts.

Miller says he didn't turn the music up. Sometimes they were discussing business opportunities for Ferguson. 

The inner circle was told by Kilpatrick to be careful over communicating over the telephone. 


Text exchange from May 22nd 2004 

Ferguson: Good morning big dog. 

Mayor: Good morning bro what's up with you? 

Ferguson: Time to plan. Radio shows.... 

Kwame: We are on the same page. 

Ferguson: And I forgot one. Private investigator to find out who is doing what to us and what is who doing....

 Kwame: needs to be a good one from outside.... 

Ferguson: So who would be in charge of starting this up this is the second time me and you has both said this should be done.... Chris and Derrick shouldn't know a damn thing about it. i will explain why later... i think me and art should start.....