Tuesday testimony is under way in the Kwame Kilpatrick federal trial.

Yesterday, a president of a local contracting firm testified that he was invited to Bobby Ferguson’s house because Ferguson wanted to refurbish his home.

The prosecution is trying to make the case that Kwame got thousands in state tax grant money for Ferguson that Ferguson told the state he used to help Detroit’s needy.

The witness was asked if he saw campaign material at Ferguson’s house.

He said there were “Kwame For Mayor” signs on Ferguson’s SUV.  The witness asked “What’s a Kwame?”

Having no idea who Kilpatrick was at the time.

It’s 9:01 and the confusion here continues. An audio-visual feed is to come out of the court to a media room.

The media room was locked until last minute and the screens here are dark.

For those of you wondering and didn’t know, each morning Kwame and Bobby Ferguson start their court session by reading from a book called “365 Days of Faith.”

All attorneys are in chambers currently.

Kwame is here talking with Ferguson.

Bernard Kilpatrick is at the table and again, per usual at the far end is Victor Mercardo. He never, ever looks at the other co-defendants.

9:14AM: The attorneys are back out of judge’s chambers. We should be starting here shortly.

The judge will be keeping an eye on the sleepy member of the jury.

When I was in court all of last week, she looks like she could nod off at any moment and sometimes does.

The prosecution was concerned about her last week as they lay the building blocks of their case.

The sleepy member of the jury, juror No. 4, first reported on by Local 4 last week has been dismissed.

First alternate will be in her seat.

9:23 AM: With sleepy juror No. 4 now bounced from the jury and the trial, the first alternate is in place and IRS agent, Ron Sauer is back on the witness stand.

Ferguson defense attorney Susan Van Dusen is now cross-examining him.

Sauer was the government’s first witness in the case, he’s the IRS investigator that tracked hundreds of thousands of dollars in Kwame Kilpatrick’s cash bank transactions that began right after Kilpatrick took the mayor’s office.

9:40 AM:  Kelly Bartlett Director of Government Affairs for the Michigan Dept. of Transportation takes the stand.

Prosecution takes him back to Spring 2000 when he was working with the legislative liaison for the state budget office.

Prosecution asked if Miss Mary Lenoy did you have conversations about Detroit 3D.

She had mentioned to him that they would have applications come in but did not think she mentioned names but ones she spoke about with Rep. Kilpatrick.