Prosecution asked what actions he took.

He wanted to see what would come in. 

Prosecution asks to focus on Detroit 3D and asks if Bartlett received an application from Detroit 3D

Bartlett said he did receive one.

Jim Thomas, attorney for Kilpatrick objects after this question.

Judge asks that they be more specific about who they are talking about in questioning. 

Bartlett said the application came in at the time when they were receiving 570 applications.   He said he doesn't recall who sent the application.

Prosecution:  What did you send to Rep. Kilpatrick's office

Bartlett:  I sent them a two page application and additional page with the broad guidelines

Prosecution:  Did you receive the application back?  Who did you receive it from?

Bartlett: I can't recall 

Prosecution refers to SG11

Prosecution and witness agree it is what Bartlett sent to Rep. Kilpatrick's office.   He sent him a blank application.

Prosecution asks witness to read project description:

The project will have a wide scope.  The project will work with schools to provide peer mediation and economic assistance.  Seniors are also a target to benefit the program.

Bartlett reads who the application is from: From the desk of Sharon Solomon, legislative assistant of Rep. Kilpatrick.

Prosecution asks what he did once he received the application.

Bartlett: He said he began to assemble the projects according to the criteria to eventually arrive at a list of recommendations for Mary Lenoy. 

Kilpatrick's attorney objects again, but Judge overrules him. 

Bartlett:  Began looking at the large list of projects.

Prosecution: Was Detroit 3D one of his recommendations to receive a credit.

Bartlett:  yes, it was a recommendation like I made for a small number of grants which the budget director had said these are ones we want to pay attention to, these are ones we want to fund.

Prosecution:  What opinion did you take as far as receiving a grant.  Was it made partly on the description? 

Bartlett said It was made partly on the comment that Miss Lenoy had made to him. 

Bobby Ferguson's attorney objects to the answer.