Thomas asks if Bartlett if he had indicated he had done independent research.

Thomas references a particular part of the draft letter and whether Bartlett is referring to a conflict of interest.

Bartlett said yes. 

12:08 PM: Thomas asks Bartlett if he was aware of Vanguard was funded for second part of grant. Bartlett said he didn't recall.

12:09 PM: Thomas asks Bartlett to look at a document. It is an email from December 4 2001 between Gilmer & Bartlett and it's introduced as evidence.

Thomas said it's clear from that letter that Vanguard received the second half of their installment from their grant.

Bartlett said that's a meaning you can take from it.

Thomas said whatever the issue was, it was resolved in regards to Vanguard.

Thomas said the draft letter was never sent, never followed up on?

Bartlett said no, as I said we attempted to set up a meeting with Lucille Taylor but because of scheduling it never happened.

Thomas said so it never happened because the Governor didn't think enough of it to have a meeting, Lucille Taylor didn't think enough of it to have a meeting.

12:13PM:  Court takes a break.

12:25 PM: Court resumes 

12:28 PM: The continued cross examination of Kelly Bartlett is put on hold so they can introduce a new witness from Mississippi who has surgery tomorrow so they are trying to fit him in today.

The next witness is Stephen Oshinsky, who worked for Skytel.

He worked there from October 1990 to the end of December 2008.  He was director of assistance engineering.  

Prosecution asks if between 2002 to 2005 if they provided paging service to Detroit.

Oshinsky said yes.

Prosecution shows him an exhibits.

Oshinsky said they are pictures of their most popular two-way pagers.

The next picture is of a two way pagers.

Oshinsky said the way the paging worked was an early form of SMS messaging.  Messages could be entered in through a variety of ways.

12:33 PM Our live feed of the proceeding goes in and out.

It appears the prosecution is attempting to explain how the Skytel pages work including whether you can see your message and the reply. 

Prosecution asks if he was involved in designing the software.