Naughton asks if it tracks location information.

Oshinsky said no, there is nothing where the messages come from, but the Knock does.  He said they can track which towers the messages come from.

Naughton asks if there is a vocal inflection.

Oshinsky said no.

Naughton keeps hitting the point over and over the messages are short.  That people are not going to type a  novel.

Naughton ends his questioning.

1:06 PM: Michael Rataj, Bobby Ferguson's attorney starts cross exam.

He asks about retrieving an old message. 

He gives the example of sending a text message two weeks ago.

He said two weeks go by and he wants to send a new text to the same person could he go back to the old text.

Oshinsky said yes. 

Rataj asks if he sends a new text two weeks later if the old response would be included in the new text, even if they're unrelated.

Oshinsky said yes. 

Rataj ends his questioning. 

1:10 PM  Court ends for the day.