Judge reminds defense team one lawyer, one witness.

Judge said he is just offering what he said as to explain why he took certain actions.  

Prosecution refers to defense evidence DSG8 and gives a copy to Bartlett.

Bartlett said it's a list of criteria they would send out to applicants of the criteria for the  program.

Bartlett is asked to read criteria # 5: Projects must be a benefit to the community, (a) provide programs to children and school program or (b) provide help to seniors (c) tourism or (d) compatible with area economic development.

Bartlett said no one was told which criteria was most important.

Bartlett said Detroit 3D was given a grant for about $500,000 he believes.

10:00 AM:

Bartlett talks about how money would be dispersed.

Bartlett said they would give the second half of the funds based upon a review.

He said if it looked like there was sound management of the grant they would be given additional money.

Prosecution asks Bartlett about reliance for the second installment of funds

Bartlett said he believed they had the ability to inspect projects.

Prosecution asks Bartlett to characterize the agreement

Bartlett said the agreement was necessary for the state to extend state funds to these organizations.

Bartlett felt their project description was what they intended them to do with the money if awarded.

Prosecution asks Bartlett if they expected them (Detroit 3D) to honor the description.

Bartlett said sure.

Jim Thomas attorney for Kilpatrick, objects.

The Judge reminds Bartlett he needs to talk about what he did specifically.

Bartlett said his role in grant administration at this point, had receded. He said at this point, the processing of the grant paperwork shifted to a colleague in the budget office.  So the managing of the correspondence was handled by someone else.

Prosecution ask Bartlett if he reviewed or asked questions about paperwork submitted by Detroit 3D

Bartlett said he did not.

Prosecution asks if he had conversations with Kilpatrick about Detroit 3D

Bartlett said he had conversations with Kilpatrick about Detroit 3D and Vanguard.  Bartlett said Kilpatrick called him.